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Food-Logging Mobile App?


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Hi Folks,

Any recommendations for a mobile food journal/logging/tracking app that is Whole9-life helpful (not necessarily Whole30...but obviously that would be great, too!)?

Before my Whole30 revelations I used My Fitness Pal which was cool for caloric purposes...but now that I don't track calories I'm at a loss.

Thank you!


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Yes Tapatalk would work for that if you want to keep it here. I use it all the time. In fact I am on it now. Very user friendly. The only problem is when you edit a post. It leaves all sorts of weird computer symbols, but there is probably a way around that.

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I'm really loving "my food circle". You simple take a photo of your meals (you can add a description and/or comments) and so you have a visual history of what you've been having. You can go back and write a note like "felt bloated" or whatever else. I found it very helpful for my first 30 days and now I'm using it for reintro so I can see what affects me and what doesn't.

It's also super handy as a support system with a friend (or more). My bestie lives in another province and we started w30 virtually together. I post my pics, she posts hers and we comment on them for encouragement, questions, meal ideas, etc.

My food circle is not like those other apps where it's all open and social - you can share with specific people or just use it for yourself.

Can you tell I love it?! :)

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