Ridiculous question re: beets


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My favorite way to have beets is to roast or grill them.  DH likes to experiment, so we have tried roasting them with and without foil, and grilling them with and without foil.  Grilled without foil will give the best flavor, in my opinion -- smoky, caramelized, delicious.


If you want a smoother flavor, try grating them (not finely -- use the big holes on the grater) and sautee them in butter.  Toss on a little salt and it's a nice treat.


I also really enjoy beet greens.  Sautee them in a high-flavor fat like butter, coconut oil, or bacon grease, then add something a little sweet (like orange or carrot juice) and something a little sour (lime juice or apple cider vinegar).  Salt and pepper, and mmm, yummy.


I also like various beet soups.  My current favorite has beans so wouldn't be good during a Whole30.  Still, check out something like Sundays at Moosewood for some great recipes.


ThyPeace, out of beets at the moment, more's the pity.

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