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Oh, it is ON --martihana60


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Day one


1 small turkey burger, sauteed in butter

1 cup cooked cabbage, kale, red onion sauteed in bacon fat

2 poached eggs on top of the greens

Celtic salt, garlic powder, and black pepper


turkey burger to equal 3 ounces

about 1/2 cup cabbage

2 eggs, scrambled

Celtic salt, garlic powder

1 cup coffee, black, with scant tablespoon of coconut oil


3 oz. turkey burger

2 tablespoons red onion

1 cup cabbage

all sauteed in coconut oil (1 tablespoon) and butter (1 tablespoon)

Celtic salt, garlic powder, black pepper

b/c I've been up since 3 am and b/c I had breakfast around 4 am, I've had one more small meal (dinner) around 7:30 pm. medium-sized turkey burger cooked in coconut oil and bacon fat. Steamed cauliflower seasoned with the meat drippings, garlic powder, Celtic Salt and pepper.

ps. I love cabbage (can you tell?) and it's really easy and quick to prepare.

day one: no sugar, no dairy, no grains, no legumes.

And I have not had enough water today, but I'm working on that for the next hour or so.

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Welcome, welcome, welcome! I love it that you're here!

Just an FYI, most bacon, thus the fat, has sugar. I use side pork fat or lard. Butter is considered dairy, but ghee is OK.

Did you blender the coconut oil into your coffee? I know with ghee in coffee you need to emulsify, and then it's really good.

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Day 2 and a li'l oopsie

Breakfast: 3 fried eggs, 1 small turkey burger. Yeah, I know--no veggies. Breakfast was at 7:30 and I was ravenously hungry by 10:00

Tea, Earl Grey

Lunch: my take on Brunswick stew: onion, ground beef, chicken thigh, chopped ham, tomato juice and seasonings, tossed in the crockpot overnight. I had one serving of about 2 cups, with some coconut oil melted into it.

Coffee, black, with a little coconut oil melted into it. DO YOU HEAR ME, PEOPLE? I DRANK COFFEE BLACK AND UNSWEETENED!! Ahem. Pardon my screaming, but this is a major breakthrough.

I had this coffee around 2:30 pm because I was way too sleepy.

Dinner: Another 2 cups of the stew. Another bit of coconut oil melted into it.

Oopsie: Went to prayer meeting tonight, and we took communion (unexpected). I did not even think before taking abt. 1 Tablespoon of cracker crumbs and about 1 ounce of wine.

Will be prepared next time, with nuts and some cold tea. If He can turn water into wine . . .

late dinner (9:15 pm): 2 small scrambled eggs, cooked in butter.

Will try tomorrow for more veggies.

Did I mention I keep a jar of coconut oil in my desk at work?

Oh, and I'm diabetic. My blood sugar was higher this morning than I've seen it in quite a while. I suspect that will change.

Onward and upward!

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Hi Eileen, my sister friend. Thanks so much for steering me here. It's the plan I've been needing. No, I did not blender the coffee with coconut oil, since I did this at work. Just melted it in and stirred between sips. And I've got ghee now so will not use regular butter (it was good organic butter but not clarified).

I did use some ghee today (cooking eggs), and did not use the other butter. Maybe I'll freeze it for later.

Tightening it down. Thanks for the assistance.

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I've had to check ingredients like an eagle-eyed hawk. So many additives everywhere. Now I'm hyper aware of what I'm putting into my body.

You could make your own ghee from the butter. My butter is frozen--I might have to figure out how to make ghee.

Power on!!!

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Day 3 !!!

Before breakfast: Blood sugar was down 10 points from yesterday but still higher than it should be.

Breakfast: Crumbled turkey burger, one fried egg, 1/2 plate of sauteed, curried cabbage

Snack: (I was hungry early) small chicken thigh, small handful nuts

Coffee, black, with coconut oil

Lunch: Chicken thighs, cold steamed broccoli, daikon radish slices

Coffee, black, with coconut oil

Dinner: Crumbled ground turkey, 2 fried eggs

Was a bit irritable and paranoid today. It has passed. Waiting to feel better physically.

victories: Turned down candies at work -- twice; drank at least 9 glasses of water. Stayed on program.

needs improvement: Exercise, more veggies, maybe less protein

G'night, y'all!

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Day 4

Did not check my blood sugar this AM.

Breakfast: Steak and eggs (again, no veggies)

Snack: small handful of nuts

Brunch: 1 can of tuna packed in water, no salt added; about 15 daikon radish slices

Lunch: About to have it now (3:50 pm!); the last of that meat stew, containing dark meat chicken, ground beef, ham, onions, a little tomato juice, and seasonings.

Got a little headachy and weird before lunch. Ate that "brunch" so that I could take some Excedrin (NOT on an empty stomach). Joints still achy and still some sinus congestion. Also think certain . . . uh . . . bodily systems are experiencing some cleansing, but I'm hopeful enough to just be patient and stick with the plan. Feeling a bit better now.

Something psychological is happening these last couple of days. I'm not really irritable, but definitely mouthy.

I've done a quick meal plan and grocery list to get me through the next few days, and will grocery shop on my way home this evening.

I've decided I do honestly need 4 meals a day. I'll coordinate that with the Whole30 Meal Planning sheet so as not to overeat, but just to spread it out.

Also will focus on getting more vegetables.

And will post dinner later today, once I've had it.

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Hey Martihana60, just push through, I can understand how you feel for the moment because I felt like that too, little paranoid, not really angry or irritable but also not feeling good... I felt like that a little bit longer than I thought, but it's ok now....

I was also hungry in the afternoon, but I finally figured it out and I think I have the right amount of fat now, because I didn't eat more at lunch (neither at breakfast), but I added 1 or 2 teaspoons coconut cream at each meal and I felt good and was not hungry too early. I must say I event was hungry much later than usually.

Each person must find her own way, I'm sure you will find yours soon.

Also having things prepared in the fridge that you can just throw together in the pan helps a lot! :)

Thumbs up and good night everyone.

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Day 4, continued.

I did go grocery shopping tonight after work, so I have good, clean meat and eggs. Was really hungry when I got home, so I ate a small handful of nuts before fixing dinner.

Dinner was dark meat chicken and a big pile of sauteed, curried cabbage.

Time for me to find some new veggies. Did not buy veggies tonight, but will get some tomorrow. AFTER I clean out the fridge.

Experienced some weird, crampy nausea when I first started eating dinner. Still feel a little off.

Today's victory: My boss (he's an excellent cook and GF) brought in a homemade GF chocolate cake today. I'm sure it was delicious, but I kept away from it and stayed in program, no problem.

Nath, I'm so grateful for your advice and encouragement. Thanks!

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I wonder if you'll feel better with more veg and more veg variety? I had to have two different veg dishes at dinner so as not to get too tired of any one.

An extra meal (mini meal) is a good idea. I've pretty much adjusted to be able to do 3 (often with 3-egg breakfast), but early on a smaller extra meal would have been better than the too much trail mix I snacked on.

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Eileen, between you and me and the rest of Whole30, I wasn't quite as prepared beforehand, at least physically, as I could have been. But am taking care of that today. I used to love a dish I called "Chop salad," where I just opened the fridge, grabbed about 4 kinds of veggies and chopped them up in a bowl, varying the combination each time: radish, onion, grated carrot, chopped cauli, shredded greens, maybe some sweet pepper, tomatoes, and/or olives. I chop it all small, dress with olive oil and lemon or balsamic, and maybe some garlic, and eat it with a spoon. Will go for that again, once I clean out the fridge. But I was SO TOTALLY prepared mentally for this challenge that I jumped right in, and I'm not sorry.

My goal with veggies is to have some raw and some cooked at each meal, including breakfast. My first breakfast, with meat on the side and then poached eggs atop sauteed greens and onions was a great one and stood by me well that day. Did not get hungry until later.

Valuable shopping lesson. Local health food store has several varieties of bacon, but ALL have sugar in some form listed as an ingredient. I learned here on the forum last night that Safeway actually has a sugar-free bacon. There's a Safeway within walking distance!

Also will not make my "meat stew" again until I find ham that is sugar-free.

Annnd . . . after years of thinking of myself as "low carb," I bought two small sweet potatoes yesterday. It feels like a guilty pleasure. I'm thinking of a little bit of onion and sweet-potato hash browns for breakfast.

Okay, now I've made myself hungry, so I think it's time for breakfast. Thanks for your support, encouragement, and faith!

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Oh, and I also make a "steam pot," which is just veggies and meat (say, a chicken breast or a piece of fish) chopped up and steamed. Veggies are surprisingly sweet, and then you dress it with OO or ghee and some garlic, a splash of fresh lemon juice, and s&p. Yummy!

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We were mentally ready when we started too but not well equipped or informed. It doesn't take long to figure it out though as you're finding out.

I just read your Communion oopsie. I did the same thing on Day 2. Totally unaware. :) After that I had almond flour crackers I carry for husband and I did drink the wine.

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Day 5

First thing: Blood sugar this morning was down another 13 points. Still not where I want it to be, but headed in the right direction.

I'm so proud of my breakfast today that I just couldn't wait until the end of the day to post.

Sweet potato hash brown with onions

sauteed kale, cabbage, and onion

small portion of crumbled ground beef

2 fried eggs

Sweet potato hashbrowns are so very awesome that I think I'll have to limit myself to once or twice a week. I chopped up a little red onion, grated the sweet potato (a small one) with a box grater, and cooked them in a frypan with a little coconut oil and a little ghee. Seasoned with just a pinch of salt.

Posting a picture. I hope it comes out.


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I love your posts! You have a great sense of humor and I laughed out loud more than once while reading this morning. Especially the "I had coffee with no sweetener!" Very funny.

Looking forward to reading more.

Dana (rhymes with banana)

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Hi, Dana! Thanks for checking in. (*will not call her Dana Banana. Will not. Will not chase new friend away.*)

I consider myself living proof that God has a sense of humor, since I'm still drawing breath. And I've been at this losing-weight-and-seeking-health thing for a looooong time. Was born overweight to overweight parents, and as you can see by my picture, that was more than a few years ago. But I am living and learning, and returning to real, whole food.

Happy to have you check in on my progress any time.

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Day 5 Continued

Because I had breakfast later in the morning than usual, I did not need or have a fourth meal today.

After Breakfast I had 2 cups of coffee, each with a little ghee blended into it. I could get used to that!

Did some shopping this morning, and had a few olives while I prepared lunch.

Which was chicken, steamed broccoli, and some raw sweet pepper and daikon radish slices. I'd forgotten how sweet red peppers are! And a little olive oil and a pinch of salt just added to the flavor. Photo attached.

Dinner was more raw pepper and daikon, with a ground beef burger.

I've just made a pot of tea, Republic of Tea brand decaf ginger peach, and that'll be it for the night.

Good night, folks! Let's just keep on keepin' on toward health.


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Eileen -- before pix of my food? Pictures of live chickens and cows and a garden full of sweet peppers and broccoli? But seriously, even without pictures, I'm realizing that my portion control is much better on the program and my meal sizes are much more consistent. I used to have days when I just "grazed" all day, on whatever was available.

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Day 6: Sick headache and kill everything.

Today I am very glad I don't own a dog. The way I'm feeling, I'm afraid I'd kick the poor pooch into the middle of next week.

Woke up a little early today with a horrible headache. Really, REALLY wanted to get to church. It took all the physical strength and mental and spiritual push I had to get there, but I did. And I'm very glad.

Headache is slightly less, though still present, and my attitude is foul.

All of which is, I think, good news even though it's uncomfortable. I'M DETOXING! YAY!

Shopped today and got some good organic ground meats to make a big batch of soup. Also bought cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens, sweet red peppers, and a new type of radish, a watermelon radish: nearly fist sized, whitish outside and red inside. Can't wait to try it.

I realize I'll probably need to buy more vegetables in 4 or 5 days, but this is a good start.

Oh, and while I'm here, breakfast was a small ground beef patty, two fried eggs, and the last of my previous stores of daikon radish, sweet pepper, and steamed broccoli.

Made a cup of coffee, whipped in the blender w/coconut oil and a little ghee,but only drank about four sips. Stomach is not much happy with anything today.

Now making a lunch of dark meat chicken and some steamed either cabbage or cauliflower.

Then a nap.

Then my kill everything attitude is going to clean the bathroom.

And I know from past experience that detox symptoms are helped by LOTS of fluids.

More later.

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Day 6, the rest of the story.

Made the soup and had two bowls of it for early supper: ground beef, turkey, and pork; cabbage, onions, chopped collard greens, some frozen green beans, a small can of chili peppers, a small can of jalapenos, canned diced tomato, tomato juice, chicken broth and seasonings. Not quite as good as usual, probably for lack of fresh garlic, but it was still quite tasty. After I ate the two bowls, I froze 7 servings for workday lunches.

was hungry later in the evening and OD'd a little on protein: two veryh small chicken thighs and four hardboiled eggs with mayo. Did not need that much protein.

I'm still headachy and my stomach's a little queasy--it was feeling that way before I ate 4 eggs.

Dang! should have taken a picture of the soup!

And I think I'm not drinking quite enough water.

And now I'm ready for bed. Tomorrow's a brand new day.

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