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Oh, and hey! I'll be in charge of a small garden plot at my church. Guess what I'm planting? I've started seed plants of at least 6 different varieties of it today, along with some jalapenos. They'll be ready to set out in about 8 weeks, just about when the weather gets warm enough.

I also have a tabletop garden in my living room. I started it in December, and I've got some basil, parsley, cilantro, and salad greens almost ready to harvest. I grew up on a farm, but had forgotten how rewarding "farming" can be.

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Day 15! :lol: By bedtime, I'll be halfway done!

Breakfast today was 2 fried eggs, 1 small beef burger, and nearly half a plate of shredded cabbage, sauteed in the meat drippings.

Snack was one small pork/beef patty and a small handful of raw carrot chunks.

Lunch, which I'm eating now at 3:40 pm, is another serving of that yummy homemade soup.

Have also had 2.5 cups of coffee today. will probably finish that third cup during/after lunch. Did not put oil of any kind in any of them.

Several times, I walked past chocolate cake that someone had brought in to share. The line is, "Oh, I'm just not eating sweets right now." I honestly haven't been much tempted.

I'll be back later today.



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Day 15 Dinner: I was tired tonight, and hungry, and the fridge was almost empty, so I went to the store. Bought chicken thighs, a whole chicken for broth, eggs for mayo, (If someone has a no-egg mayo recipe, I'd love to see it!), chicken, 2 boneless pork chops, a pound of ground beef, 3 onions, and 2 cauliflower heads.

Was too tired to make dinner when I got home, but I did it anyway. And I must say it was a tasty treat. I had one of those pork chops plus a small portion of the second, I made cauliflower mash with half of one head of cauli, and I found a nub of sweet potato left in the fridge, so I grated it and "hash-browned" it with onions. See photo below.

So I have a small piece of pork chop and a small portion of cauli mash for tomorrow snack.

A cup of tea tonight sounds about right.

Good night, folks. Eat well. Treat yourselves kindly. And tomorrow's a new day!


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Day 16. I am officially over that center hump.

Breakfast: Scramble with 2 eggs and about 4 ounces of ground beef. No side of veggies. :o

Coffee with ghee and coconut oil, blended.

Snack. A few nuts (brazil and pecan) and a few olives. Who knew these would be a great flavor combination.

Two more cups of coffee, one with no fat, one with coconut oil. I think I've had enough coffee for today.

More later. And a brief treatise on how I think of portion control, coming up in a day or two.

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Finishing Day 16

Lunch today was the leftover pork chop and cauliflower from last night.

Dinner was a serving of my turkey/beef/pork/cabbage/onion/collard green soup, plus tuna with mayo and onion served on a few daikon radish slices.

'Night, all. Tomorrow's a new day.

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Day 17! I went out to lunch. But wait. Let me back up:

Breakfast: 3-egg omelet with ground beef, onions, mushrooms, broccoli.

Lunch: Managing editor and editor in chief took me and 2 coworkers out to lunch! I had some say over the restaurant, the rest of the crew was happy and agreeable with keeeping me on program. I had grilled lemon and herb salmon and a big salad from the salad bar. I took all raw vegetables, but I was a little concerned about dressing. Then, way down at the very far end of the bar, tucked in a corner, were two bottles, one of olive oil and one of balsamic vinegar. So I was all set! They also had some chicken soup, so I got a small bowl of just the broth. Took two sips and realized immediately that it had SUGAR in it. Tell me again, please, who needs SUGAR in chicken soup?

In the afternoon, I had a snack of a few nuts (brazil and pecan) and a few olives. I didn't need the snack. I wasn't hungry. I'm not hungry now. In fact, I'm just a little headachy.

Had my annual review with my boss this afternoon. He still likes me! Yay! So I still have a job, and a li'l raise.

More later, you know me.

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Day 18 and Hoo boy! I think that restaurant lunch yesterday wasn't quite as W30 compliant as I'd hoped. Woke up this morning feeling like I'd been in a bar brawl. And hadn't exactly come out the winner. Hangover-headachy feeling with achy joints. A reinforcement of the whole W30 idea of clean, healthy food. I didn't ask if they used sulphites on the salad bar, and there's no guarantee something funky wasn't used on the salmon. But I think it's safe to say that I did the best I could with the situation at hand.

Breakfast this morning was dark-meat chicken (thighs), a side serving of sauteed onions and cabbage, and a few pieces of raw sweet red pepper. Am now on my second cup of coffee; first was plain, this will have a little coconut oil.

Eileen, it was amazing how sweet the soup tasted. Blecch. I took two small sips and the waiter carried the rest of it away.

On an interesting "fitness" note: My employer has purchased a sit-stand workstation for me. It converts easily from sitting to standing height. We're now coordinating the maintenance engineer and the IT people, because I'm also getting a new computer, and I should have the new set up by early next week. I'm excited!

You know, as Arnold said, "I'll be back!"

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Aaaaand . . . I'm back!

Day 18, the rest of the story: Snack/brunch was a couple of small pieces of dark meat chicken. I'd meant to bring some raw veggies, but they're home waiting in the fridge.

Lunch was a serving of that wonderful home made soup from last week.

And dinner was the *last* :huh:serving of that wonderful home made soup from last week. I'll have to make some more this weekend.

Tonight my church is having a Purim celebration. Dinner will be served. I may have a taste of some gluten-free, dairy free lasagna, if I can be convinced it's compliant, and there is *always* salad. But I wanted to eat my soup first, so I wouldn't be hungry.

And I am feeling much better than I was this morning, though not as good as before we went to the restaurant. Good health and clean food will prevail!

I probably won't be back in later tonight unless the Purim party turns out to be a food disaster. So for now, good night, y'all.


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:( Oopsie! I was doing so great at the Purim party. Lasagna was grain free, dairy free, but that darn soy cheese! I only had a small portion, and didn't realize the cheesy stuff on it was soy cheese until I was almost finished with it. :o The other option was salad, and I munched a bunch of that. Passed up the Hamentaschen cookies, drank lots of water and about 3 oz. apple juice. All in all a good night, considering, but I want clean back!

Tomorrow's a brand new day. Good night!

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Day 19: Breakfast in beige (photo attached below).

Tilapia, pan fried in coconut oil, with lemon, garlic and a dash of dried dill

Cabbage and onions, apparently a breakfast staple at my house.

Cauliflower mash with ghee and olive oil

Tasty, all! and beige.

Today, a little meal planning and grocery shopping. I will make chocolate chili this weekend.

Later, friends!


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xacerb8, I try to keep a little separation between my work life and my online life, so though it's not top secret, divulging the magazine would totally blow that separation. Lets say it's a well respected monthly science-related magazine read by approximately 120,000 nerds each month.

Eileen, I'm beginning to understand the need to bring my own food to things. It's really the only way to be certain that foods are entirely W30 compliant. Even well intentioned friends who do want to help and do really care just don't have time to consider all the ins and outs of the program. For example, it's not just gluten but all grains I'm avoiding. And no, your "healthy" canola oil won't work for me.

For a snack this afternoon I had a small handful of nuts and a larger handful of olives.

In the late afternoon I baked a whole chicken so that tomorrow I can make some chicken broth that doesn't have sugar in it. I had chicken salad for supper, using the first of a new batch of mayo. MUCH better than the last batch made with regular XV olive oil. Sorry, no veggies tonight.

Right now, I've got a kind of nasty headache, so I think I'll turn in early.

Tomorrow's a brand new day, people!

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Day 20! And it feels like I'm back on track after a couple of li'l oopsies. Breakfast today was pan-fried tilapia and steamed broccoli with ghee.

Snack was a handful of nuts

Lunch was stir-fried veal and roasted vegetables (onion, zucchini, yellow summer squash, and red pepper, briefly panfried and then broiled in the oven. It was yummy.

Dinner was chicken salad with homemade mayo and a few olives.

And I found some store-bought chicken broth that doesn't have sugar in it! Imagine brand in your health food store.

Did grocery shopping today, and a double-batch of my first ever Chocolate Chili is in the crockpot.

I don't think I've had enough water today, and I've been a bit headachy as a result. Think I'll fix that now.

Good night, all. Have a great beginning to your work week, and remember: Tomorrow's a brand new day.

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Eileen, this was the first time I can remember having veal. It was tasty!

Day 21

So I made the chocolate chili in the crockpot overnight. I find it a little too spicy. Not hot. The heat was just about right. But all the seasoning in it just made it a bit too robust for me to really appreciate it. But believe me, I'll eat it anyway, and will surely enjoy it.

So far today I've eaten 2 bowls of chili for breakfast (how bad can it be if I ate two bowls?) One cup of coffee, and about 4 glasses of water so far.

Recommitting: I think I got a little off track with the accidental mistakes on Thursday and Friday of this past week. I haven't been feeling as well as I did, say, on days 8-10ish, so tonight I will go over my log here and find the best and most balanced meals and days and see if I can't repeat them and get back to feeling better. One of the pitfalls, I think, is that I haven't been so careful to get lots of vegetables. I've seen improvements in health on W30, and I really want to see those improvements continue.

So here I am, recommitting to 15 extra days. This gig just became a Whole 45. (Though I just might weigh myself at the end of 30!)

EVERYONE who has read and commented on my posts here, thank you so much. You have no idea how much it means, how important it is, just to know folks are watching and listening. I'll try to do that more for you all, too.

Onward! Today is the new day I was looking for yesterday.


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Day 22. Yeee haw! and Good Morning, W30 world!

I made myself a very attractive breakfast this morning: 2 tiny chicken thighs, 2 fried eggs, sweet-potato hash browns, and cole slaw with cabbage, parsley, garlic powder, homemade mayo, and a splash of balsamic vinegar.

See photo below.

And today, I will make some bulletproof coffee.


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I think eating the vegetables definitely makes a difference. I love pickles and cold things so I've been roasting beets on the weekend and then cutting them up and throwing them in salads or on the side. Somehow, eating pickled stuff just doesn't seem so "vegetabley." Last night I made roasted asparagus and my 11 year old actually ate a good third of it! It was really, really good.

Keep it up....adding on extra days is super hardcore!

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