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BLB--tackling a whole 30, one day at a time


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I'm actually on Day 10! 1/3 of the way there.

Here's what I've learned so far:

It isn't hard. Frustrating, annoying, and other things but it isn't hard.

The most difficult thing has been my morning coffee--I don't like coconut milk so I made frozen coffee ice cubes and I cool it off that way.

I woke up on Day 7 wondering why DH was making chocolate toaster pastries and where he had gotten them. The smell was that intense. And completely unreal. He hadn't been anywhere near the toaster and there were no chocolate toaster pastries in the house. (I didn't want them--but I did enjoy the smell.)

I continue to find myself looking around for something sweet at the end of the meal or an hour later. Normally I'd just eat some chocolate. Or a lot of chocolate. At first I turned to fruit but now I'm trying to ride it out.

After a challenging few days with DS, we discovered he had a sinus infection. While walking around the grocery store, I though to myself that I deserved a treat for putting up with the little bugger. And then I realized I didn't want or need it. Though if someone invented some type of Whole 30 compliant chip, I would eat a handful. I did stare long and hard at the Terra Chips Taro Chips though...

I've started to think about life post Whole 30. At first it was a list of every bad thing I would eat. Then it was thinking about having a cheat day weekly. Then it was wondering why I would do that if the goal was to feed healthy foods to myself. Next it was wondering how to handle a week-long vacation to Central Florida and pondering how far to not care while dining out. Etc...

I miss dairy. I miss goat cheese and goat butter and goat kefir and goat/sheeps milk yogurt. I miss cottage cheese. And heavy cream in my coffee. But I don't need them.

I don't miss wine.

Today DS was reporting on what he learned at school. They had an assembly and learned all about the hidden sugar in things. He's in K at a small progressive school. He said i would be shocked to know all the things that aren't sweet that have sugar in them. I laughed and said we could look at labels but it was wacky. He then asked where our sugar bowl. I told him we didn't have one. He's still pondering that...

I haven't forced this way of eating on him--he gets mac and cheese once a week. He gets lots of kefir. But he eats way fewer grains than his peers.

Looking forward to the next 20 days and sorting out my next steps!

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Let's see: we are at Day 13 now.

(I'm ever so fond of the Royal We because my family isn't doing the Whole 30 at all...)


I've spent the last few days on the run and I need to do a better job of planning for that. I need to have easily portable food that isn't messy that I can eat while running errands.

I actually ended up at a sushi place when I was starting yesterday at lunch time. A few pieces of sashimi, no rice, no soy, was lovely. I turned down the miso soup.

Tonight we were at the library and the 6 year old wanted dinner out. We went to the local, "healthy" diner. After considerable coaching and a conversation with manager, I ordered two fried eggs and a flat iron steak. I'll be honest, I'm not sure what they cooked the eggs in. They promised no soy, dairy, or grains. Plus it is peanut free since the little guy is allergic. I decided it was the best I was going to get. We'll see how I feel in the am.

Not moving or walking enough.

I promised DS a huge reward (pretty much unlimited time playing his favorite online game with me) if he let me wake up on my own tomorrow morning. We'll see if he can manage it. I'm still not getting enough sleep.


Over all I feel good. Tired but good.

Still contemplating life post 30. I think my first addition back will be dairy. Damn I miss cheese....

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Made it to Day 21 and then it all fell apart. Valentine's Day Chocolate (really good Belgian chocolate) followed by sea salt chocolates and then really crappy ravioli and then I said what the heck and had a glass of wine.

If there had been cake easily accessible, I would have had that too. And the only part of the whole thing that really annoys me is that my slip was with really crappy ravioli instead of a piece of cake.

Woke up with a slight headache.

Signed up for the daily emails and I'm rebooting as of today. Day 1 has been okay so far. Smoked salmon and avocado for breakfast. Ribeye steak and mushrooms and an orange for lunch. Black coffee with breakfast.

And since I was starting over, I did take the opportunity to hop on the scale. 9.5 pounds down over the 21 days.

Right now I've got sweet potatoes roasting in the oven, along with beef heart. Cooking up ground beef for the week later in the day, Plus making some hard boiled eggs.

Baby steps...

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So a whole 21 was good! I'm about there too (next Monday is 30 but am going to go through the next Friday - think that will put into march.) I don't miss anything but wine! Sleeping like a baby and amazed how early I go to bed! I am the same with my kids (3). I only cook paleo but make something extra. My son loves everything so is pretty close but the girls aren't having anything but "real" pasta or rice ( my son will pass snd have spaghetti squash or cauliflower rice).

Congrats on the weight loss! Impressive!

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