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Energy/sugar levels


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I'm on Day 12, haven't cheated or anything, but I'm still not feeling great. Mainly I sort of feel like I have a sugar low all of the time. The first few days I figured it was detox, but it's lasting kind of long by day 12 no?

A lot of the time I feel lightheaded and kind of cranky. I work during the day so I can't be like that. The way I deal with this is to snack on nuts throughout the day, have a banana here, an apple there, a sweet potato there.

I've read the other posts about this and I've tried to deal with it that way but it isn't working. I'm eating PLENTY, I promise. I don't have the measurements, but I know I am. I swam for 30 mins today and did an ab workout and could barely stand by the end. I came home and a pound of meat and a bushel( whatever teh standard amount of kale you buy at the store is) and I still feel bad. I eat less meat same result. I'm drinking a ton of water. I put a little bit to a fair amount of salt on most everything I'm eating.

An hour and a half after that huge meal I feel it in my head. I'm not trying to lose weight, and I am a healthy 20-something male with a healthy weight.

Any suggestions?

I'm allergic to a bunch of stuff, but for purposes of this post, let me highlight two... avocado and coconut. So avocado and coconut milk are out.

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So, while waiting for It Starts With Food to become available locally, I bought Gary Taubes' Why We Get Fat And What to Do About It. Plowed through it and want everyone I know to read it. Especially people I love.

He lists (p 266) potential side effects of keto-adaptation as: weakness, fatigue, nausea, dehydration, diarrhea, constipation, orthostatic hypotension (which can cause dizziness and even fainting upon standing), and exacerbation of preexisting gout.

He does seem to suggest that more fat (he does not specifically recommend sources) can help. Also mentioned is drinking broth a couple times a day (liquid and sodium).

He does not specifically describe how long these effects linger, but in another section of the book he describes a doctor who worked with sugar-addicted kids, and these kids took 12-18 months to kick the habit. Just to give an idea of what kind of a monster the carb thing can be.

I recently found myself eating too much fruit, and am back to kicking it. Day one of cleaning it back up. I'm thankful it's just fruits and nuts I'm overdoing, and not cookies and pie, but still, Day One, and just had a lightheaded spell myself. On my Whole30, it took me a full two weeks to start feeling out of the fog, and almost the full 30 days to be past the lightheadedness and into feeling great.

Fattier meats? Olives? More olive oil?

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