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Never ending hunger thanks to PMS

Stephanie Geving

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Yup, it's here. PMS. I want to eat and eat and eat. Mindfully I ate lunch. Followed the guidelines. Been drinking water in case thirst is disguised as hunger. Still hungry. Ok, ate a sweet potato. Starving still. Grabbed some dried apricots. The pit of hunger feels like it's growing!!

At least I am very relieved to say that I'm not having cravings for junk food. Just food. And the habit of snacking. That is one thing that hasn't left yet. I'm trying to get distracted but this hunger is so present!

Time to work a little harder at distracting myself to see if I can make it until dinner without eating every Whole30 compliant food item in the house!

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I'm in the same boat. Sooo hungry, just want to eat and eat.

Have you tried eating a protein + fat as a "snack"? If I just have a banana, I'll end up way more hungry than before the banana! I usually bring jerky, just in case I'm really really hungry..but on pms days I know I'm not realllly actually hungry, you know? Gah.

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The body needs a lot more carbs prior to / during your period. I agree, it's best to eat carbs with fat/protein, but you'll likely have to add more carbs in.

PMS has an actual purpose - it's just a matter of understanding it and dealing with it appropriately. There's a grey area between ovulation and your period when the body isn't sure if it's pregnant... so it assumes it is and requires lots of energy (carb cravings), hydration (bloating), and nutrient absorption (constipation). Next month, perhaps you can plan ahead a bit and get more carbs in before you think your body needs them so you don't feel that want-to-eat-everything-feeling that I'm all too familiar with!

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