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Dairy downer? Popcorn?

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I finished my 2nd W30 last week and on day 31 I had 2 coffees with milk. I didn't notice a reaction so the next day I had a slice of cheese in the afternoon and a small serving of ice cream in the evening. I was about 4 spoonfuls into the ice cream and started feeling a bit queasy. I only managed to eat half of it and threw the rest away. Tummy felt a bit "sharp" and bubbly afterwards but next day I felt really down in the dumps and exhausted. Not sure if it was dairy reaction or not enough sleep but I felt it was related to dairy (never had a problem pre-W30).

As a result i've been clean again for the last 3 days but this evening I thought I'd try and gently introduce grains (I'm a bit nervous about bread since i was a bit of an addict before....up to 6 slices of wholegrain a day sometimes!!) so I thought popcorn might be a gentler option. Am having it now and while it's quite tasty, it isn't doing it for me the way it used to. Anyway, does anyone know what the story is with popcorn post-W30? And what about peas ..do they come under legumes? I thought I'd want to dive into the foods I'd been missing during my W30 but actually now that i'm finished, i'm not interested.... what, no wine, no chocolate yet?!?! What have you done to me!?! ;)

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