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Matthew Hillis

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I just stumbled upon this thread... So canola oil is okay?? Hubs and I were talking about going to Genghis Grill (build-your-own Mongolian BBQ), because we figured I could get meat, spices, and lots of veggies. I called and found out they cooked the dishes in canola oil, so I figured it was out. I'm happy to see that canola is ok (provided I'm reading it all right... When it comes to compliant and non-compliant, I don't want to get it wrong!).

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It is a seed oil so it should not be something you seek out. It actually is not good stuff, but I think Melissa and Dallas did not put it on the prohibited list because they figure nobody would be able to go out to dinner which would not make W30 very sustainable. I would have it very occasionally and in small quantities if at all.

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Susan ( and all),

the egg product in that bowl has the junk in it. I swear it wasn't there 5 months ago. But the wraps (minus pesto) are good.

I asked the manager of our local Panera about it because it WASN'T there a few months ago. He said that Panera uses a spray to keep the grilling surfaces non-stick and the spray has wheat starch in it. It'll be on anything that has to be heated (like the steak in the egg bowl) but not the things that are cold (like the steak in the wrap). He was fairly sure they just updated the info to reflect the ingredients even though it's only a trace amount - the spray didn't change.

It does make only the lettuce wraps and the turkey salad possible to be Whole30 compliant (with some tweaks).

As a side note - you can also order the Strawberry Poppyseed salad with no dressing or mandarin oranges and then sub turkey for the chicken. If they get it right, it's actually pretty good!

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On 2/6/2013 at 8:33 PM, Matthew Hillis said:

So I have been eating from the Hidden Menu the last 2 days for lunch. Is this Whole30?

Here is the link the website



All-natural, Antibiotic-free chicken, baby spinach, romaine, tomatoes, apple-wood smoked bacon, diced eggs, fresh squeezed lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil.



I think the only concern would be if the apple-wood smoked bacon has sugar in it or not...the chicken, as well....

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