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Anham Mahna's Whole30

Anham Mahna

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I started on Feb 4th, at 192 lbs on a 5'4" frame--about 70 lbs overweight. My heaviest ever. After my recent yearly check up, I was told I have high cholesterol and high triglycerides. I'm 41 years old.

I constantly feel sluggish. I snore now, which I never did before. I know because of the added weight on my chest, which I can feel pushing against my throat when I lie down.

I started Taekwondo recently, which I love, but I feel like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man in my outfit. LOL. And when I workout, I feel as though I can barely move. But I do it, because I'm tired of being so unhealthy.

I have the most insatiable sugar cravings on the planet. A few days before starting the Whole30, I woke up craving donuts. I drove 8 miles to a donut shop, bought 12, then ate 4 immediately. I ate another 4 later that day. I'm always eating something sugary--gum, candy, baked goods. And if I'm not eating it, I want it. I rarely deny myself anything when it comes to food. And now I'm paying the price for it.

Aside from my food vices, I've gotten rid of most of my other vices, which makes me feel relieved, if only bc I can focus on one thing. I quit smoking a few months ago, and while every now and then I want to buy cigarettes, I always think of the coughing fits I'll have, and then decide against it.

Since starting on the Whole30, I am SO excited! I have lots of questions, but come to the forum often to see what people say. I am determined to do this right. I give up on everything all the time. My self-control is nil.

Or WAS. Now I am a self-control addict!

I am determined to embody the tenants of Taekwondo: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit. That will be me.

The hubby comes home from a trip away today. He left the day I started WHole30, so I am anxious to see how I stick to the program once he comes home. In his absence, I cleaned out the fridge and cupboards... mostly. I had to leave some of his food. But i think if I cook some yummy meals, he'll be happy to eat them. And if he sees me succeed, he may join me.Here's hoping, b/c he's about as unhealthy as I am.

Wish me luck!

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End of Day 3. I succeeded in eating clean. Yay me! So far, so good. The hubs is back from Las Vegas, so we'll see how him being home affects my self-control. Im going to make a self-fulfilling prophecy and say it wont matter at all. I will be strong.

I am, however, slowly becoming addicted to macadamia nuts. OH. MY. GOD, they are yummy! Wow.

I do still have cravings, but im doing well at ignoring them. We'll see how the weekend goes.

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End of Day 4, another triumph. Today, had lunch out (at Seasons 52 in King of Prussia) and ate off ther gluten free meal. As long as the server was telling the truth about no sugar in anything I ate, I did a great job! Made the Butter Chicken recipe without two spices, but it came out wonderfully.

Am beginning to feel when I'm full, which is unusual. And I don't feel sad about stopping eating, whereas I did before. I was so good at ignoring my feelings of being full, especially if I was eating something indulgent. But now, happy to eat and happy to stop.

Feeling very proud and happy.

I am wondering if I'm eating too many eggs though. I went through a dozen hard boiled eggs in 4 days! (Well, there are two left, I think.)

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TRIUMPH! Usually, when the hubs and I go to the movies, we totally pig out. Hot dogs, pretzel bites with cheese, candy, popcorn, you name it.

So, today, when he said he wanted to go to the movies, my heart sort of skipped a beat. But then I thought: I can do this! Perseverance! Indominatable spirit!

So I had lunch, and went. I got a large bottle of water, while the hubs got a hot dog, popcorn, and soda.

And I felt fine!


Then, after, when the hubs wanted to go to Taco Bell... (I know...) I stood strong and waited till I got home.

Does sweet potato count as veg? I know that's a stupid question, but I just want to be sure.

I feel great! And am very proud of myself today.

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This morning, day 7, i decided that since id been so good on my whole30, id treatyself by weighing myself! I lost 6 lbs! Started the day off right!

Cooked up a bunch of stuff today: nomnompaleo's crockpot chicken with gravy, spaghetti squash with a homemade meat sauce, shepherd's pie with cauliflower, even mayo! My feet are killing me, but i cant wait for the boundless energy and peaceful sleep to kick in.

Ill be stepping up my activity this week--will try to go to taekwondo at least four times this week. I can go up to six times... I will if i can push myself to do it.

I still have sugar cravings. I miss orange juice. It doesnt help that i have some in the fridge--brand new. I dont know what to do with it! It isnt even opened. Hopefully the hubs can take it to work. Maybe someone there will drink it.

My feet are killing me from spending the whole day in the kitchen. But im sure illbe glad when i dont have to cook this week.

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Today is Day 8, and so far, so good. It's getting much easier to eat. This past weekend I cooked up a storm, so I'm eating that slowly.

The challenge is making sure I eat enough veg and not too many macadamia nuts. Although I do think I'm getting used to them. So they're less like crack. :)

The energy hasn't kicked in yet. I wok up this morning feeling beat. But then, I did go to Taekwondo twice yesterday and worked really hard. So maybe that was it.

After I told the hubs I'd lost 6 lbs, he said he wanted to try what I was eating. LOL. but he still eats a lot of crap. I don't see him getting any healthier until he stops all that nonsense, but I can't say anything. just have to let him come to it on his own.

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Today is Day 10 for me, and while I don't want to jinx anything, I have to say this has all gone much easier than I thought.

My biggest concerns, starting the Whole30, were my insatiable sugar monster and my constant craving for baked goods. While I still have the odd craving, it isn't pounding down my doors, if you know what I mean. I can deal. It's all good.

Maybe it's that I'm really enjoying the food I'm eating. I'm loving trying the new recipes and buying new spices. I went to Penzey's the other day and spent about $60, but it was so worth it! I've been using the spices and they make such a huge difference! A little celery salt on my HB eggs is SO YUM! And the Sunny Paris seasoning on chicken really is quite good!

I've been trying to workout as much as I can, as I would like to lose some weight. The BIG energy happy sleep hasn't quite kicked in yet, but I'm confident it will, since I'm being so good.

That's about it. Once I can figure out how to peel my hardboiled eggs and store my ghee and I'll be GOLDEN!

Happy as a clam named Larry.

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Well, this weekend was a doozy for me.

Let's start with Saturday. I had to keep score at my Taekwondo studio's Spar Wars, so I had a nice breakfast beforehand.

After the Sparring, I was invited--for the first time--to socialize with the TKD group. I was SO EXCITED! These people are fantastic, and I was really looking forward to getting to know them all.

Unfortunately, they went out for pizza and beer. Since I didn't have my wallet on me, I couldn't order anything Paleo-specific, and I didn't want to be lame (I know... bad excuses), I had a glass of beer and a slice of pizza. The pizza was horrible. Overly sweet. I couldn't even taste the cheese. And the beer was Bud Light or something useless like that.

Afterward, I was invited to go thrifting, and I thought surely I'd end up feeling sick, but nothing egregious happened, for which I was glad.

Until that night, as I was undressing, I discovered my lymph nodes under my arms were swollen--the right much worse than the left. And they were a tad sore when I pressed on them. Since it was Saturday and a holiday weekend, I thought, "I'll call the doc on Tuesday." But by Monday, the swelling was gone.

Could it have been the beer and pizza? I think so. I can't imagine what else could have caused it, honestly. My armpits are back to normal and I feel fine.

Interestingly enough, after that misstep, I started to notice how my mentality changed regarding the Whole30. I went from feeling great and being so proud of myself for being good, to "eh... maybe a little sugar won't hurt..." I just got the Whole30 email today, and they call it the "what the hell" effect. I am amazed at it, and do recognize that I do do that when I take a misstep. I give up. I give in.


I've been taking 300 mgs of magnesium each night, which has me sleeping like a log. Unfortunately, it also has me having a hard time getting up in the morning. Last night, i only took one pill, at 150 mg, and still was groggy getting up this morning. I'm waiting for the morning energy to kick in.

But I'm back in compliance and feel GREAT. Went to TKD last night. Plan on going again, now that my new friends are encouraging me to go more often and the hubs is being so supportive.

Oh, I should say that after the Pizza and Beer Incident, I ended up inviting two of my new friends over to my place for dinner, where I gave them my paleo spaghetti sauce over spaghetti squash! And I told them about my diet and we discussed it a bit. So that's cool! Now I've "outed" myself, and I know I'll be more confident being compliant next time around.

So that's that. I had planned on extending my Whole30 past 30 days anyway, so I might as well start over. I'm bummed about it, but going to just move on.

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