Maggiano's Little Italy --- Help! Please?


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Tomorrow my Husband and I will be on Day 26 of our first Whole 30. Tomorrow we also have to face eating out for the first time during our 30 days for a friend's surprise 40th birthday dinner. We aren't really Italian food fanatics, so skipping the pasta isn't an issue. I just want to make sure that after putting this much time and effort into keeping compliant, I don't throw it all away with 4 days left.

So...can anyone recommend what would be best to order?

I'm thinking all of the appetizers are out, which is fine. For dinner, I'm guessing we'll need to stick with steak, veal or salmon for the entree and broccolini, asparagus, spinach or green beans (minus the bacon and onions) for our sides. Right?

Best options to order? Things I should make sure to ask before ordering to ensure they're compliant? Do you think the "balsamic-glazed" salmon is really just balsamic, or some sort of sugar-laden glaze?


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I think cedar-planked salmon is usually a good choice - maybe you could ask for it without the balsamic glaze, and double check to make sure they don't add anything weird on top of it (you never know). Or, you could order some type of steak dry sauces or anything.

I'm sure others will weigh in :)

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Well dinner is over and we made it through without any major obstacles. I got dry grilled beef medallions with asparagus. The veg came out with cheese on it, so I asked for it to be replaced and it wasn't a problem. Erik got the lemon herb salmon without the white wine sauce and the spinach side that was really good!

Everyone else ate family style, so there were plates of fried cheese, manicotti, chicken parm, tiramisu and profiteroles in our face all night. That was a little rough, but we are determined to stick out the 30 days ( and maybe beyond ) so we sucked it up.

Thanks for the help everyone! :)

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