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Day 31, I feel no reason to go off track or have any cheats as of yet. Although there is a delicous coconut macaroon in my fridge... maybe indulge and

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Today is day 31 of my second time through a whole 30 (after some time of mental prep), I remember in the book it says if you are loving life there is no reason to stray from the template. I have a strong sense of connection with my foods, hardly any sugar cravings, have lost lbs, more cut etc.. Well we all know that the wonderful template whole30 that Melissa and Dallas have created was not meant to be the whole365.

Because of the effort and discpline it takes to get to this point, I want to keep dialing in on this template. Well Valentines day is coming soon as well and I'm sure there will be some conflict there.

Would it be okay to indulge in a treat for going through a whole30 and then go right back in or since I'm finally back on track should I just go for a whole45 or maybe whole60?


Question for paleo science buffs - Since my body is pretty much using fat for energy now by keeping up with the template, would eating specific foods reverse and take me back to using carbs as energy. My body just feels like it's running more efficient now I would hate to go back to square one.

Thanks everyone!

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You could eat the macaroon and then go right back to Whole30 eating. I eat off-plan occasionally and then go right back.

You would have to overeat carbs for much longer than a day or two to make your body forget how to burn fat for energy. It took time to learn it. It takes time to forget it too.

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