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Long Distance Workouts on the Water

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It's one thing when I'm in a canoe by myself, an entirely different thing when I'm in the canoe with my team and we're starting our race practices in the ocean.

During the week, I can figure out the food logistics although I end up eating later than I want to. But it's the morning practices I have difficulty with.

Practices start at 8am and often last anywhere from 2.5-4 hours. This means that I need help with three areas:

1) Before my workout. This needs to be substantial to get me through the 2.5-3 hour workouts.

2) During my workout. I was using Cytomax for races and long practices, is there a better option that is compliant and no weird chemicals? In addition, during long practices I would usually eat a nut bar, and/or a few sportblox for extra energy.

3) After my workout. I am a fan of the sweet potato/apple/meatballs from Nom Nom Paleo but it would be nice to have other options.

The restrictions are:

I"m allergic to eggs. And whatever I eat before and during my long practices has to be easy on my stomach so I don't have to worry about getting seasick.

Thanks for any advice you have. These practices are starting up again at the end of the month so it would nice to have this sorted out before that.

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I'm new to this (W30, not long workouts) so I'll offer some advice but will be interested to see what others say as well.

  1. Before - I beleive it doesn't need to be as "substantial" as you think (assuming you ate well the day/night before). I'm going to replace my bagel/oatmeal with a Lara bar or 2.
  2. During - keeping the tank full is the key. Like you, I need to replace Perpetuem and gels. However I'm going to do it with solids; my own "trail mix" of raisens and macadeamia nuts. I'll alternate that with 1/2 of a Lara bar every 20 minutes. Washing it all down with plenty of water. I've heard others use sweet potatoes, I'm just not sure I can get there yet.
  3. After - I'd just vary the protiens, i.e. chicken.

As I learned during Ironman training a lot of this is trial and error. You need to experiment and see what works for you. W30 definately adds some challenges to that process. Good luck.

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Pick up a copy of " Paleo for athletes" by Loren Cordain..... Very very helpful and it will bring you through the 5 stages of recovery.... That's what you need to concentrate on. If you successfully recover from a long work out, your tank will be full,and your performance will be great. During/ just before... strenuous exercise, there is no biological way to fuel fast enough to make up for not recovering/ eating after your last race/ workout....

Everything in there can be tailored to fit into W30 guidelines

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Thank you! I had forgotten about "Paleo for athletes" by Loren Cordain. I'll pick it up and see what I can find. That's good to know about the before vs after. I'll definitely be testing things out before race season starts.

I feel like there's something I can't have in Lara bars but I'll check them out to see if this is the case.

Thank you!

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