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I stopped my Whole 30 a couple of days early. I was scheduled for a Colonoscopy this past Wed and on Tues was fasting and prepping. I ate stuff off the plan the night before I had to fast. Not sure why, I think it was panic mode setting in about not eating for a day.

During the fast and prep, I drank soda ( diet), which I never drink but I had to find something to mix with the prep stuff. By the middle of the day, my blood sugar dropped, I was shaking and sweating and I got a migraine. My son went to the grocery to get me some jello with sugar, since it's the only thing I could eat. The jello with sugar was the red ones, which I couldn't have. So I put sugar on the lime jello and ate 2 of these. I also had broth and flavored ice.

After my procedure, I pretty much ate everything that wasn't nailed down. I must say, I enjoyed it but hate that I ruined a perfectly clean colon with so much junk food.

Now I am figuring out my eating plan. I know I do not want to be as strict as I have been, but I learned what I absolutely need to quit eating. I didn't see a whole lot of changes in weight but I was eating way too many nuts and prob way more calories than I've eaten in the past.

I'm going to continue because I really enjoyed trying new foods and eating healthy. The things I will change are not having to have veggies for every meal, mostly breakfast. I will eat less fat on everything, I will probably not want to binge on nuts after this. I will allow myself a cheat meal once in a while.

Most everything else was awesome and I learned a lot about myself. I gave up stuff that I never thought would be possible. I was chewing 30 or more pieces of gum a day. I won't go back there. My main problem that I learned and that I still need help with is my behavior towards food. I binged during Whole 30 just like a binged before it except it was approved food.

I know that is something I need to change.

So, I guess I'm going more towards Paleo type eating.

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I know what you mean by feeling you need to eat everything that's not nailed down, and now on day 14 of my W30 I am starting to grieve the loss of some foods, getting angry, all that kind of thing. I think knowing what's worth it and not worth it make a huge difference, and I am also seeing that being able to say, "I am worth it!" is very, very important--and for a lot of us with disordered eating, it's really hard to do. Also, making the switch from thinking about "approved" food to "food I love to eat and that's good for me all over" is a challenge. So, if you don't mind the applause, I applaud your thinking all that through and sharing it--it was very helpful to me this morning!

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I can see why a colonoscopy would throw everything off. :) 5 more years and it will be my time. Sigh.

Go easy on yourself. This is such a learning process and it doesn't have to be done perfectly. I've learned that I can still binge on good stuff, but that's not really good for me either. One of the things I do with nuts is only have them on Sundays. Seems to help.

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