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Question about Stevia, Pam


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So I am on day 8, and have been Whole 30 compliant until I realized that I have been using Pam this whole time and it has soy lecithin in it. I totally didn't even think about cooking spray!! oops.

Also, I have been using the light coconut milk in a can from Trader Joe's in my coffee, and this morning I put about an 1/8 teaspoon of Stevia in my espresso shot to break up the bitterness. It didn't taste sweet at all, but I know I broke the rules and will need to extend my time. I am wondering though, if you don't use enough to make it sweet (bc I am assuming we are breaking away from needing to make everything overly sweet and taste the food), then why is it bad?

I also ate a clementine alone....am I just failing left and right?

All I see in my head are Melissa's words...."drinking coffee black...is. not. hard." hahah. I guess this will be the Whole 38!

Any and all advice/suggestions is appreciated!


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While a clementine alone is not a good snack, I wouldn't worry about that too much.

The stevia, even if it isn't making things taste sweet, is still a sweetener and is still fueling the desire for sweet foods, so I would probably count the stevia as grounds for a restart, personally. I'll let others weigh in on the Pam, but generally, I think Pam isn't made out of compliant oils in the first place.

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Pam is out. The stuff that makes it spray is enough to make it a bad choice. We want you to learn to cook like your great grandmother (or somebody's great grandmother) with coconut oil, ghee, clarified butter, beef tallow, or olive oil.

Regarding stevia: Just because you can't taste something does not mean your body does not recognize its presence and react in subtle ways. And psychologically, we don't want you in the position of needing to judge if some amount is okay or too much. The easiest standard to work with is yes or no. With added sugars or sweeteners, the standard is none.

It really is okay to eat a snack if you are hungry. That is not a fail. But if you are hungry between meals, it raises the question of whether you are eating enough at your meals. And you might need more than 3 meals per day. I ate 5 or 6 meals per day for a long time after I started eating the Whole30 way. It took a long time for me to learn to eat enough at each meal to be comfortable on three meals per day.

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