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My New Whole 30 - Nourishing My Body and Mind Once and For All


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Hi everyone,

I have had multiple attempts at the whole30, all not being able to complete it do to binging on sugar and "giving up" when I did not see quick results or feel "happy full" after I meal. I did not have patience. With this being said, I truly believe if I complete this program to the fullest it will begin to cure me of my many years of a poor relationship with food and a poor relationship that I have with myself. Struggling with an eating disorder for years in which came in many different forms (anorexia, bulimia, and now binging) all ties down to one thing which is nourishment of both my body and my mind and soul - a relationship that I need to start putting at the forefront. Many people have written that they too feel this program has helped them do just that - help them to nourish more than one area in their life, and truly nourish their souls. This time, I will use this forum and community as a way to check in on myself and ask for support along the way! Making sure I do not do something/make sure I eat something with the right intentions etc. I hope in these next 30 days I will diminish and deal with these issues once and for all, up front right now. The reason I am writing this today is that I went on a sugar binge after being on day 18 so I am sorry for the somber tone but I am trying to do the next best thing and plan for tomorrow. Starting Day 1 fresh. Thank you for all the support! (I will post my meals tomorrow)

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Welcome! I haven't had the best relationship with food either. The culture I grew up in is obsessed with food and yet women are shamed for eating normal amounts, while being expected to spend their lives in the kitchen to keep their husbands happy. It's not a recipe for feeling great about your body. I can't say it's ever crossed into "disorder" territory (at least as I see it today) but it definitely wasn't great. One thing I love about Whole30 is the satisfied, content feeling I get without feeling stuffed. I never get that "I'm never eating again" feeling like I would after shoveling down a bowl of pasta (though I sure do love it at the time I'm eating it)! Anyway, if you made it to day 18 I'm sure you've experienced plenty of benefits. Hope this next round is great!

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Thank you!! Today I have been feeling very sick all day and was not hungry since yesterday's huge binge. However, I just ate some chicken (maybe 6 oz) with brussel sprouts and olive oil! I guess today counts as day 1? Hopefully will feel more on a schedule tomorrow.

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Sounds delic!! Day 2!! Went to the gym today and was not able to do that for a month because I am studying abroad and was getting used to me surroundings. Very out of shape but did a haf hr on the elliptical. Proud of myself for going!



3 eggs

1 tbsp of olive oil

frozen vegetables

1:30 PM

some brazil nuts (about 13 - half the package)


6-7 oz of chicken breast grilled with fennel and leeks

over a salad with tomatoes and 1tbsp of olive oil

half an avocado

- thinking I might not be very hungry for dinner but posting this now (will add if I have a "mini meal")

Huge headache today from sugar binge - def. feeling the affects of that today :( each day I will become stronger!

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