First Whole30 for a recent college grad


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Hey guys,

I've been Paleo/Primal since my junior year of college and for the last two years I would say Ive been 90 compliant or better. Ive decided to start the Whole30 program because of the issues Ive had staying on track since graduation and my move from Michigan to Florida for work.

My problem seems to be stemming from the hard time Im having meeting new people and having social things to do on my days off. I work as an Assistant Groundskeeper so my hours aren't very conducive to having a normal social life and I have started to replace the relationships that I had, and times I enjoyed spending with friends in college, with food. And not just dark chocolate and berries or other paleo treats. Im talking the gas station staples of junk, and lots of it. The days I spend at work I eat very clean and pretty close to Whole30 compliant, its my days off that are disgusting examples of how someone shouldnt eat.

It really is embarrassing to me because of how well I was able to stay on track during my college years and I want to get back to that success level. My dedication to the gym hasnt changed, its just the food choices I have been making.

I am going to finish ISWF tonight and begin the Whole30 tomorrow. Thanks for everything you guys do and good luck to all of the rest of you starting off as well!



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Welcome Matt! Sometimes when you fall off it's harder to get back on program than it was the first time you started (well, that's my experience anyways)...but you CAN do it! The Whole 30 is a great way clean things up and get back on track...Maybe now that you're in sunny Florida you can head to the beach for some awesome water activity instead of to the gas station! ;)

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You can do it, Matt! It's great that you have a solid foundation to buid on. Stress can really through us for a loop sometimes. Sounds like you have a nice level of self awareness and are ready to take responsibility for creating your new life in the best way possible!

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