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robotarmy's reintro party


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Hey all. Just starting a reintroduction log so I can track how I'm riding my own bike. I mentioned in my final post in my W30 log that I'm planning to stay pretty darn strict, but not 100% W30 compliant. So this morning I had bacon with my breakfast. Uncured, but there is sugar ("evaporated cane juice"). I still have a bunch of W30 compliant foods to eat, so I'm not going out to eat a taco platter just yet (and probably not for a while).

I successfully completed a Whole37 and am excited to move forward! My plan during this reintro period isn't to try to figure out how many of the verboten foods I can cram back into my life and mouth. It's to figure out a balance of eating clean and relaxing the rules. I feel like I need to still be strict for the most part, with maybe once-a-week relaxation. And not ever again calling anything a "cheat meal" because to me that kind of language sounds like I'm fooling myself. Cheating is by definition deceptive. And I'm going to be honest with myself about food choices.

Okay that's semi-coherent. I've got to get to work. Happy eating, all!

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