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Wild pork?


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I read a recent article on the Whole9 blog that said:

And finally, avoid ALL pork products, as commercially raised pork has the worst N6:N3 ratio of any animal protein source. (And yes, that means no bacon. Since when is bacon health food, anyway?)

It sounds like the main issue here is with commercially raised pork. My husband shot a wild hog not that long ago and we have a freezer full of various pork roasts, tenderloins, sausage (no sugar), etc. We don't eat it very often, but I did believe it was at least healthier than the stuff found in stores. We have a seemingly endless supply of them on our land and Missouri wants everyone to essentially "shoot them on sight."

I rotate this with the deer he shot in November and the best chicken I can find in the stores for now (I have orders in for local chickens, turkey, and rabbit at one of our local farmers) and grass-fed beef when I can get it.

Hope we can still eat it, especially the sausage...it's a wonderful treat! If I can't eat it on the Whole30, I hope it's at least paleo.


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Pork does not measure up nutrient-wise to beef, lamb, or fish, but the meat of well raised pigs is not bad.

I consider that Whole9 comment about pork a bit dated because small farmers are increasingly committing to raise good pigs. I get pork from Grateful Growers Farm - www.ggfarm.com - in North Carolina where the pigs have a wonderful life all the way up to the point they become pork shoulder, breakfast sausage, bacon, Chorizo, etc. A friend who travels regularly brings me a cooler full of meat when he has been through there.

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