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Hittin' Reset: A Whole7 Experiment


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Oh, cheesecake...

Goodness, there sure are a lot of amazing foods out there that are absolutely terrible for us, aren't there?

I definitely can feel my anxiety creeping back when I eat lots of garbage. It makes sense, of course. Good luck with your 15 days, sassy. Keep learning and you will do well! :)

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Thanks, Callan! You've inspired me :) Honestly, I'm hoping my 15 days turn to 30 ;) This will be #4 for me if it does. 1 and 2 were amazing. 3 was derailed and very tough because I came down with infulenza and battled high fevers for a week and the only thing that passed my lips was a couple of hot toddies a day (hot tea, honey, ginger, cayenne pepper, lemon, and at night, brandy) and I've been struggling since to get control again. That was mid-January. I've had a week here and there but overall, I've lost the drive!

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Ooooh me too! I had a craving around Thanksgiving but had just come off of Round 2 and was not feeling like indulging. The want for the cheesecake hasn't gone away so finally on Saturday I had some. OH IT WAS SO WORTH IT! So delicious and I enjoyed every morsel! Now I'm good and back on the wagon!
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I've been writing 2012 still... Yikes!

Sleep: 10:30-6:30, followed by turning off the alarm and sleeping until 7:15. Oops.

M1: (8:15) digestive enzyme. Leftover pork (1.5 palms worth), arugula, fried ripe plantain. No discomfort at all. I seem to have trouble when I have two eggs or more. This is worth investigating (but I also have issues when I eat other things without eggs). But one egg is fine.

~10oz black, 1/2 decaf coffee @ 11am

M2 (1:00): salmon cakes (2), carrots and red bell peppers, bit of mayo and lime juice. Great!

M3 (3:50): 1 hard-boiled egg, cup of arugula, leftover mayo, green apple.

M4 (7:45): brussels sprouts and leftover meat sauce in the thermos.

M5 (10:00): I guess my dinner wasn't big enough! 1/3 cup mashed sweet potato with 1T sunflower butter. This was kinda gross!

This plan worked pretty well. Even though I was hungry at 10:30 or so, I was quite able to wait until 1pm to eat part of my lunch, and then 3:50pm to eat the other half. This strategy fits well with my schedule, as many of my colleagues have lunch during "prep time" from 1-2:20, and we also are allowed to eat between 3:45 and 4pm when the kids have snack. I think the key for me is to be flexible between those times. Sometimes I'm not hungry yet around 1 or 2pm, but I eat anyway because everyone else is... same goes for the snacktime period. In this instance, I packed a bunch of food and spread it out between these times, which felt natural to me.

I would have had dinner earlier if I could, but had to wait until I got home. I think, maybe, if I increased the volume of M3 (which was tiny), I would be able to make it home, eat a little later (8:15-8:30) and not need something around 10pm. Let's try that today!

Hi Callan. I stumbled across your post via a recent search and thought I'd share about the eggs. Have you considered checking if you have an allergy/sensitivity to eggs? I found out that I am even more sensitive to chicken eggs than I am to wheat. I have been using duck eggs (under duress at first but they really are exactly the same after all) with absolutely no ill effects. It may be worth doing the experiment.

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