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I wanted to share my day 2 of reintroduction, which was probably the dumbest thing I've ever done in a long time, but hopefully my mistakes can help others...

Below is the post on my blog, how embarrassing it might be..

The day after our first little introduction, we woke up a bit more groggy than usual, but not too bad. Made reservations to go out for breakfast, had just a little bit of coconut milk, dried fruit & nuts at home.


We went to Little Collins, a brunch & dinner cafe with a great menu & Melbourne

coffee :-) I ordered their Little Collins' big one and asked to leave the bread out.

Fotor021010456.jpgHome made fennel sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, spinach, mushrooms & some baked beans.

It was great to have a cappuccino again, but I wasn't blown away, guess I didn't miss it that much after all!

The afternoon was quite spontaneous, a friend was in town and dropped by our house, and later 2 more friends popped in, making it a great afternoon with plentiful snacks and drinks.

Being Dutch, means cheese, lots of cheese and in so many variations, it will blow you away!

So out came a platter of some old cheese, so old it has actual salt crystals in it, if you ever happen to visit, make sure you get some. Together with our favorite champagne, it was a real treat.


Then the whole30 train not only derailed, but crashed into the whole30 station taking everything in it's path.

More drinks, more cheese, more snacks and then the idea to go to an Italian restaurant for dinner. This place has fabulous wood fired pizza, antipasti & desserts. We personally think it's one of the best pizza places in Amsterdam.

So of course I went for the pizza 7 Follie (all meat toppings) and to top things off, the panna cotta for dessert.

Crashed into bed early, only to be woken up at about 4.30 am by a terrible feeling. What happened next can only be described as a horror movie, starring me on the toilet. My body made sure all the food left the scene quickly, using both ends (TMI, sorry!)

Felt awful all Sunday, the fresh, clean & energetic feeling I have been experiencing this whole time during whole30 was erased in 1 single afternoon/evening.

The stupidest thing of course not listening to the gradual reintroduction advice,

and the amounts of food consumed in a small time frame. Also, since i've had both dairy and wheat at the same time, it's hard to determine what my body hated most, but I'm pretty sure it hates me for sure!

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Hey...it takes some real guts to share an "epic fail" like that, so thank you for that. I even kind of admire your willingness to throw caution to the wind—I was on Day 1 of my dairy re-intro yesterday and was cowering all day (pardon the pun), for fear of going through what you did.

On the up side, the experience will make an indelible mark on your psyche...maybe not in terms of specific reactions to specific foods, but as a lesson in overconsumption in general?

Feel better. :)

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Thanks jpketz! You are so right about the psyche part, now that I think about it, today i'm mostly angry at myself for over-indulging like that, especially since the whole30 went so well. Feel like I have completely destroyed the whole30 experience by indeed: overconsumption.

To be continued!

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You didn't destroy the experience, you PROVED the experience! Consider that you took one for science, and go back to what works. Maybe a Whole7 followed by a well thought out re-introduction?

Thanks for the chuckle. I love the way you write.

Thank you! I will for sure go back to whole30 eating, good suggestion!

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Today has been a good day, am back on track again and following megmac's advice to have this week as a whole7 and then see where it takes me.

Have to add, that since Sunday, my nose is extremely raw and stuffy on the inside, I think it's safe to assume that dairy might be the cause of that. Anyone else ever had such issues?

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Thank you for sharing this. I will be sure to keep it in mind this weekend, which will our first weekend post-W30. Not only that but it's my husband's birthday weekend. And we have friends coming in from out of town. I can see how easy it would be to slide down the slope of no return. I'm going to be extra careful this weekend because I don't want to lose this awesome feeling I've got going. Sorry you got so sick and I hope you're feeling back to "normal" by now.

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Hi Kittyglampants, I think it does work to have a bit of a "gameplan" that weekend (since I had none) Like, decide on 1 food-group you allow yourself to have (dairy, grains or legumes) and stick to that.

If you drink, choose 1 poison, and stick to that too. The reason why whole30 works so well, is because it has very strict rules, so a reintroduction works best that way as well (IMHO)

It's freakin' scary, because you don't want to lose that awesome feeling (i had that too) but don't see it as a slope of no return, more of an opportunity to experience both sides. You know already how awesome you can feel, and as soon as you start feeling crappy from any of the foods you introduce, you know where you can go back to. To be honest, right now i'm in the mindset where i look at certain foods and think: "meh, not worth it"

Don't worry, relax and enjoy the weekend!

P.S. for some reason, i see a lot of Atlantans on this forum, I used to live there too :)

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