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Whole99 percent or When Harry Met Sally food moments

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I finished my Whole30 on January 30. It wasn't too hard because I was already doing the Paleo lifestyle, mostly. I say mostly because there was so much to learn about food that I almost felt like I'd barely skimmed the surface of Paleo up until I started my Whole30.

I did take before pictures, but because of tax preparations at the end of January where I work, I never had time to stop and take after pictures. I will definitely do that soon and certainly will on my next Whole30. This was my first but it won't be my last. I predict a lifetime of Whole30s in my future.

I did the Whole30 more for my health than anything, but it was also nice to lose 10 pounds. I have a ways to go, but I'm making progress.

For now, I can say that I'm living Whole99 percent, because I have arrived at the "never going back" spot and I like it here. I'm not 100 percent as I enjoy red wine, a little dark chocolate, sourdough bread with butter, etc..on occasion.

This is what I learned and/or changed on my Whole30:

Sugar is in ridiculous unexpected places: store-bought broth, olives, spicy Italian sausage, and more.

After a month of real food intense flavors, anything not healthy tastes like chemicals. I dared try one jalapeno popper from Jack in the Box when my husband brought them home to satisfy his craving. I used to love them. I tried one and noticed a distinct absence of flavor and a strong fake taste. Also tried my used-to-be-yummy Trident sugar-free apple gum. I'm not a big gum chewer but like it if I've got coffee or garlic breath and can't get to toothbrush/paste. The first bite used to be such a happy surprise. This time I couldn't spit it out fast enough! Apple? What apple?

Real food tastes amazing. It's a symphony of flavors, each distinct and satisfying. My food is beautiful!

I want to take pictures of everything I eat, it's so pretty.

With every bit of added sugar eliminated, natural sugars in fruits and vegetables are so pleasantly intense. A 1/3 of a banana, about as much as I can handle, tastes like Christmas.

The first couple weeks, I didn't have any fruit. On week three, I had a tangerine at a breakfast meeting at a women's group. The women laughed at/with me as I had a "When Harry Met Sally" moment with that tangerine.

Back to breath, with no dairy or sugar, I notice my teeth stay cleaner longer and my breath really doesn't get bad.

I like black coffee now better than with cream and sugar. And since there's no dairy in it, I don't get that bad breath after effect, and in fact, my mouth tastes like black coffee--a bonus since I love coffee.

I have NO cravings! None. Nada. What a wonderful side effect.

I don't snack and have no desire to return to snacking. I wasn't big on it before, but now I really don't care. There is no temptation. I don't even crave popcorn during movies at home like I used to. i haven't been to a theater this year yet, so we'll see if a little popcorn at the movies will be part of my 1 percent.

I'm only hungry at meal times and I'm full until then, unless I don't get enough healthy fat. I take note of those rare times and make adjustments.

I have tried a couple of restaurant foods. I can instantly distinguish the added sugar in the recipes. I can feel them bothering me right away. My husband brags because they don't bother him--he says that as he burps, rubs his tummy that hasn't shrunken despite the time he spends at the gym, and shares other digestive rumblings with the those of us in his presence.

I am not ready for bulletproof coffee. I tried it, loved it, but couldn't handle it. It made me too full; then I'd miss the routine meal time. When I was actually hungry, I couldn't stop to eat with my work schedule. I would feel nauseous, sleepy, and uncomfortable. I'll save bulletproof coffee for when I am trekking in the snow some day :)

I learned how to purchase pork belly and make my own bacon! Yay!

Onward and healthward,


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