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Cathy's First whole30


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So far I am on day 8 of my first whole30 and I am loving it! I'm 22 college full time college student with a full time job. I seem to have ok energy through out the day but I am sure that this is related to my sleeping habits. I usually get 4-6 hours of sleep which I know is horrible :( ...... one of my whole30 goals is to get at least 7 hours of sleep. Slowly but surely it will happen. Eating habits is not a problem. I have been doing well in that area but I am concerned that I'm eating too much. I stick to eating only three time a day and drink plan coffee or tea through the day. Example of a typical day:

0600 Breakfast: 3 egg omlette with purple onions and green peppers

a handle full of raw spinach

2 tablespoonn of homemade guac or some diced avocado

1400 Lunch: some type of protein (chicken breast, pork roast, beef stew meat, grass-fed ground beef.. these are some of the usual) and broccoli cooked with ghee or coconut oil OR Protein with a large salad ( Baby spinach, kale, spring mix, grape tomatoes, avocado, raw onions and peppers with balsamic finger with a pinch of dijon mustard)

2000ISH Dinner: Pretty much the same as lunch. Usually dinner is after workouts, so i add some boiled yucca or sweet potato with ghee

Occasionally is have a teaspoon of coconut butter.

I take fish oil, vitamin D3, and a probiotic in the evening.

I've noticed that I am no longer hungry except for first thing in the morning. Could this be because I am eat too much?

If anybody has any suggestion I would appreciate it !!! :)

Thank you! :D

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Day 9... slept in today. Felt great!!!! :)

Breakfast: 1 cup of cubes sweet potato (1/2 of a sweet potato) cooked with Ghee

3 egg omelet with red peppers and onions

1 cup of raw baby spinach

Lunch: 4 chicken wing (left over from last night)

1tablespoon of coconut butter

Dinner: 6oz of pork roast

1 cup of broccoli

1 cup of cubes sweet potato (1/2 of a sweet potato)

Exercise: 4 mile run

Supplements: Fish oil, probiotic

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Day 10!

For some reason i was extreamly hungry today... :(

Breakfast: 3 egg omlette

sauted spinach

1/2 of a sweet potato

Lunch: 6oz of pork roast (left over from dinner )

1 cup of broccoli

Snack: 1 serving of postaccios

Dinner: 6oz of chicken breast (Damn fine chicken recipe from nom nom paleo)

1/2 of a sweet potato

1 cup of raw spinach

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So I have been seeing some results with my whole30. I know this is only day 12 but.... I'm impatient :( I feel GREAT, my face has cleared up DRASTICALLY so I know there is some kind of systemic benefits going on. I was hoping by now I would be feeling lighter, seeing some weight loss in the mirror but I actual am not. I know whole30 is not a weight loss plan.... Just have to keep saying that :(

I have a really busy lifestyle.. Can this be a contributor at hindering my weight loss? Is this even healthy at all? Here is what a day looks like for me:

Wake up 5:30

breakfast 6:00

Get ready for school from 6:30-7:45

sit and read or study from 7:45-8:15

Class from 9:00- 11:30

Study from 12:00-3:30

Class 4:30-5:45

Gym: 6:30-8ish

Dinner 8:30

Study 9-11


Other types of days I am working from 7am-7pm 3 days a week.

Gym @7:30pm, dinner study then sleep

Any tips?

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Excess cortisol from stress, too much exercise or lack of sleep can definitely affect fat-loss. If your body is constantly in flight-or-fight mode the last thing it will do is let go of fat.

6.5 hrs of sleep is definitely an issue I'd say.

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