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Day 23 AIP, Day 43 WHOLE30+, feeling worse


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So I think I'm feeling predominantly worse on AIP. I had decent results from Whole30, but decided to go autoimmune protocol part way through to address my joint pain issues and endometriosis. My joints are feeling improved, but my energy seems incredibly low. I had excellent weight loss on normal whole30, but I suspect I have maintained or put on weight during AIP.

I was having sleeping issues, which have improved (but not to the amazing levels others report). My main other complaint is that I'm very blocked up. I take magnesium, drink water non stop, and keep my fat levels up.

Typical day of food:

Chicken cooked in coconut oil, broccoli & pumpkin mash with added tablespoon of coconut oil

Roast lamb, sweet potato mash, green veg, tablespoon added coconut oil

Steak, sweet potato chips, green veg, a few olives, fat added and all fat eaten

I keep the skin on the sweet potatoes but so far it hasn't helped things get moving. I guess my question is, do I feel awful because I'm doing something wrong, because my gut is healing, or because the AIP restrictions are not working for me and I need to look at other possible culprits? I'm not sure whether to try reintroducing foods at day 30, or keep going longer, or think about restricting even more.

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Hey Grace, What type of joint pain do you have? Sorry, I don't have any answers for you. I just wanted to chat. I am on day twelve of AIP. After three days of AIP my hips were 75% better. Now they are 95% better. I broke down and added Mayo to my tuna yesterday. I know you are supposed to wait 30 days before reintroducing non-AIP stuff but I lost it. I am reintroducing eggs now. I have been consuming far too much fruit to be considered a healthy W30. I have been feeling very stuck so I decided to reintroduce another easy, simple protein source to hopefully keep me from binging on Fruit in the morning. What do you eat for breakfast? Do you eat fruit on your AIP? I feel more stopped up since on AIP, as well, even though I never had that problem before starting my W30. My bloating has decreased but is far from gone. Hopefully cutting my fruit will help heal my gut better.

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Hi FrenchLace, I'm very interested to hear how your egg reintroduction goes. I'll be doing the same next week and I'm really hoping for the best. Eggs and almonds and chilli - I'm really missing those options.

I added in extra vitamin C supplementation to help get things moving, which has made a difference. I don't eat much fruit, it's never appealed to me that much so I maybe have half a serve per week, if that. Usually it's nibbles at a function or party. But I'm big on vegetables so I don't believe I'm missing out on anything. Then again, maybe my experiences are telling me different?

Breakfast for me is always leftovers. Usually a roast meat of some kind with green veg and sometimes a starch. Plus a big extra serve of coconut oil. I guess I'm lucky that I don't have the fruit dragon... just the typical sugar dragon. I think I have been overeating sweet potato chips, though and I think that stalled my weight loss. So I made a decision yesterday to go back to my original plan, which was sweet potato chips 1-2x pw insteps of every night, haha.

Good luck with reintroduction! I can't wait to start mine.

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