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Not sure--restless? hungry? discontent?

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Day 16. I'm doing okay. Reading labels, making good choices. I've upped my veggie content. Sleeping more. Still not moving enough.

And yet I have this vague something...

I still want something sweet at the end of a meal. I've been having one or two piece of fruit a day and I try not to have them then because I know I need to break that habit.

My son made cookies in Sunday School and I didn't try one. I skipped the communal soup because it had pasta in it.

I walked through the grocery store and I wanted to buy every single Valentine's Day cake--with the terrible colors and frosting and the whole works. I had no interest in eating one in a single sitting or binging--I just really wanted one piece. But I didn't.

And I really want chocolate. And there is a ton of chocolate in the house. And I'm not eating it. And I'm not making any Whole 30 pseudo compliant treats because I need to rewire my brain.

Aside from being able to fit into 2 size 14 skirts after week 1, I'm not seeing much feedback from how my clothes fit. Nothing else is loose or suddenly fits.

So maybe it is just frustration...

I don't know. But I'm still fighting the sugar demon and I'm afraid it is going to win.

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bookluvingbabe -

Deep breath...

This is just your brain trying to get you to go back to old habits. It's telling you that this is pointless, it's not working, that you don't really feel any different than you did before. It's telling you that you need to cut back more, second guess the system, do this on your own.

It's wrong.

You're already seeing results, you're only halfway in. Don't fight with yourself over two servings of fruit - eat them with or right after a meal and enjoy them. Relax, be patient with yourself, give yourself 2 more weeks of love.

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Thanks! I suspect some of this might have been hormonal as my period started on Monday.

And while my sleep has improved, it isn't perfect. Like when my 5 year old decided he didn't want to sleep alone at 2 am. And despite the little nest I made for him, he had to put his cold feet on me. And start petting me at 6 am to see if I was awake. (All sweet, all part of parenting, still sucks sleep-wise...)

I think as I move toward reintroductions, sugar will be lower down on the list to give me more time off it.

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