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Liz's First Ever Whole30

Liz Powell

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Before I start my Whole30 tomorrow, here are my commitments -

1) I will complete this 30 days with as much poise and grace as I can muster

2) I will slay the Sugar Dragon if it takes me a Whole45 or Whole60 instead of just a Whole30

3) I will do CrossFit 4 times per week

4) I will write here about my ups and downs

5) I will take before and after pics to document my changes

Alright, now I'm really excited. Time to get going!

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Alright, it's been one work week and I'm now on Day 6. Here are the high- and low-lights:


1) I love dragons. A lot. I think they're super cool. The sugar dragon, however, has been making me feel like a screaming toddler. There have been moments where I wanted to punch myself for some sugar. Hot damn that stuff is addictive.

2) I thought I had planned well, but I find that I need more grab-and-go foods otherwise I keep eating lame combinations (like raw carrots over and over)

3) Woke up on day 2 with a super sore throat and had to improvise to stay on the Whole30 plan but as a result have done no CrossFit this week.

4) Have not yet done before/after pics. I'm hoping to do them today or tomorrow with my friend who is also doing the Whole30.


1) I have not yet broken any rules. Not even close. Not even when I was close to tears because I REALLY REALLY wanted that sugar. Booyah! Take that, sugar dragon!

2) Even when I haven't had the best combinations, I've had meat (or eggs), veggies, and fat at every meal. Enough to feel satisfied. While I'm intellectually craving sugar, I've been feeling super happy with my food.

3) It's been a great incentive to get back into cooking, something I've always loved. I've been viewing each meal as an interesting challenge that I can learn from rather than an insurmountable feat.

4) Even on the day I had my sore throat, I managed to find a way to stay within the Whole30 guidelines for the most part. I only had about 2 meals because I wasn't hungry and swallowing hurt but I didn't give in to the temptation to eat some pre-made soup and instead made a DELICIOUS pumpkin and coconut milk soup for myself.

5) I'm feeling clearer minded every day and my sleep is getting better already.

So, after day 6 breakfast I'm feeling super charged and ready to keep pushing through.

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Today's highs and lows


1) My digestive tract seems to be . . . cleaning house. I'm guessing this is normal, but it's certainly not pleasant right now.


1) Went to the state fair and was able to resist the funnel cake, soft pretzels, and all the other crazy fair food I would normall go crazy on. In fact, it wasn't even that hard to resist.

2) I've got a great plan to set myself up for success this week and it involves doing cooking tonight to have plenty of great options this week

3) I got Paleo Pacs in the mail!!

4) I'm really excited to see how this super clean eating affects my performance at CrossFit tomorrow morning.

Day 7 done. Bring on week 2!

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I'm at the end of day 13 and I'm still going strong. I just got in an awesome shipment of meat from US Wellness AND a bunch of primal pacs. I have to say, the primal pacs ROCK MY WORLD. They make it so easy to eat something compliant even if I'm out and about (you can always find some sort of veggie, even if it's just celery or baby carrots). I can really tell now when I need to sleep vs can stay out and I had a new PR for deadlift on Thursday.

In entertaining news, I keep having dreams about cheating. I eat something, or a hand ful of bites of things, and then when I wake up in the morning I have to check-in with myself to make sure I didn't actually eat anything outside of the plan. Tomorrow is a busy day but I'm hoping to get in some grocery shopping and preparatory cooking for the week.

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Day 15 here. Set ANOTHER PR at CrossFit today - 175# deadlift. I've found myself "saving" energy for the end of the workout (i.e. not pushing hard at the start) because I keep expecting my energy level to tank and then it doesn't. I'm hoping this means I'll be able to start pushing harder through the workouts. :)

Happiness is - meat muffins in the oven, bacon grease in the fridge, and a ton of delicious produce. I am a very happy woman.

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Yesterday was a tough day. My friend and her husband decided to stop their Whole30 and then invited me out to a restaurant with them. I suddenly felt so tempted to just stop mine and restart it some time. Luckily, I texted a good friend and she gave me the best pep talk ever so I ordered water at the restaurant and am now most of the way through day 18. I've got 12 days to go and I'm not going to give up now!!!

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