Day5- What I already notice


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I'm post-W30 now (by 2 weeks), but I was absolutely shocked that I had basically no sugar cravings whatsoever when I started. I used to LIVE on sugar. I gave it up one other time a few years ago, and it was 3 weeks of pure craving hell. But I was still eating the SAD back then (lots of bread/wheat products) and also replacing my "real" sweets with fake sugars and tons of dried fruit (and continuing with my diet sodas). I understand now why that didn't work out so well.

Snacking - I'm still not to the point where I never feel like I need to snack unfortunately. Sometimes I can tell it's out of habit (and I still eat, grrr). Other times I feel I am truly hungry, so maybe I still don't have my meals set up exactly right every time.

Other - I didn't really have any major health issues that I was expecting this diet change to fix (I was cautiously optimistic my overactive bladder might calm down...but nope). But I am incredibly happy to have ENERGY now. I used to be tired to some degree pretty much all day. At any given moment I felt like I could easily crawl back in bed and go to sleep. Afternoons were the worst, and I got into the habit of napping every day that I could. Now I feel really good almost every day (of course it still depends on how much sleep I get). I'm not groggy in the morning, I'm not falling asleep in the afternoon...even if that were the only benefit, it would be completely worth it!

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That's awesome and so encouraging! The first time I attempted the whole30 I wasn't thorough enough and completely missed the no SWYPO rule. So I was filling up on dried fruits and that rendered my whole30 almost useless.

I think its great that you can recognize when snacking is out of habit. that's the first step to cutting the habit :) as for when you're hungry, remember to eat plenty at meal times. I've been told keeping satisfied is crucial for stabilizing one's eating.

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