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Succeeding again -- 2nd Whole 30 under my belt


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My husband and I completed a Whole 30 last July and had great results. One of my resolutions this year was to complete another Whole30, so we started in January, wrapping up yesterday.

I lost 12 pounds, my husband probably lost closer to 20. We're both sleeping better, calmer, and having less gut disruption. In some ways, this Whole30 is less of a revelation -- we already knew it works for us. However, what is a revelation for me is that I was able to do it again. So often, I can do some really good thing, but I can't get myself to repeat the experience or my success. With Whole30, I feel differently. I feel like eating this way is something I can do readily, because failure isn't an option, because eating lots of delicious, nutritionally dense foods isn't deprivation, because cooking is something I can remember to enjoy and indulge in as a hobby.

I've been more physically active during this Whole30 than last (another resolution), completing a short session of yoga or Zumba 4 days a week. I've also, in general, been taking more time for gratitude and for reflection to consider what went well and went poorly daily. Whole30 is something I felt went well every single day. There were days when I was sick, or when I didn't eat EXACTLY right, but I always ate well.

Because I've completed a Whole30 before and nothing seems to have changed with regards to my health, I'm not doing a full reintroduction this time. In my case, I can have a bit of most things, although I need to avoid soy and legumes the vast majority of the time, and only eat dairy when it's something truly great (fancy cheese, a restaurant meal I know I really love). I avoid gluten about 98% of the time. Corn and rice seem less like problems for me, but I don't eat them all the time, either -- there are other foods I like more and that bring more benefits.

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