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First Whole 30! :) Started 1/28

Guest mchayr

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Started the Whole 30 on January 28th. I had a rough first week of being really tired after my workouts. I've also been very constipated (TMI) but have just recently started taking digestive enzymes before each meal and added a sweet potato daily after my workouts to see if that will help.

Hardest part has been not being as social to avoid bad foods and alcohol. I've been tracking my food on MFP so far and the past few days I've been trying to add more fats. I do crossfit 5x's a week and run 3 times a week for about 11-15 miles total a week. I need to lose about 40 lbs to get to my pre baby weight.

So far I've still been addicted to the scale and weekly measurements and I've gone up by 5 lbs and no change in inches. My biggest concern is gaining even more weight.

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You are not doing a Whole30 yet. You are jamming the failed diet paradigm of calorie counting and starvation portion sizes together with Whole30-compliant foods to create a Frankenstein that does not work.

You are ignoring very important parts of the Whole30 when you do this. First, the meal template: http://whole9life.co...ng-Template.pdf

You are not eating the minimum you need according to the meal template. With the amount of exercise you are doing, you probably need to be eating closer to the top of the meal template range, not the bottom. Actually, you are probably exercising too much. Five CrossFit WODs per week, plus running when you have a baby is almost certainly too stressful, which messes with your hormones.

Second, you are ignoring the guideline of not counting calories, weighing, or measuring. This is not optional. Counting makes you nuts and it keeps you from losing weight because it is stressful and stress messes with your hormones. And, when you minimize calories the way you have, your body goes into conservation mode, slowing your metabolism. Losing weight becomes much more unlikely when your body slows down to conserve calories. You have to eat plenty to convince your body to let fat go.

By the way, I removed your food log because it is not a Whole30 food log and I don't want anyone to get the idea that they should eat so little.

Maybe I am being harsh with you, but dieting is flat out dangerous and you are taking risks with your life when you starve yourself and exercise like crazy. The Whole30 approach works, but if you don't actually follow the guidelines, it will not work for you.

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Not the encouraging or informative response I was hoping for. I'm not calorie counting at all, I simply use MFP to track the amount of fats and veggies I've had in a day to make sure I've gotten enough. It's hard to remember what I had for breakfast by the time I'm making dinner. I could care less if I have 1000 cal/day or 3000 cal/day. All I know is that I have the template printed off and taped in my kitchen to use as a guide and I'm NEVER hungry.

I do admit to weighing and measuring myself once a week because after gaining 20 lbs since the start of Crossfit, it can be extremely discouraging after six years of trying to get my baby weight off. I do work out a lot because I am constantly training for a new half marathon. I'm eating more since the 28th then I ever have and have as a result gained 5 more lbs. I simply wanted some guidance as to what to tweak but i'll find another source for that information now.

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