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Lynne's Whole30 Log - My SELFish Project


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Ok. Here we go.... Anyone reading this is welcome to post encouragement ANYTIME!

Day 1 has begun with a bang :D . I slept like a log last night as I'm just wrapping up a head cold and was thrilled not to cough all night! I get up at 5:10 am on weekdays to get my oldest out the door for a 6 am school bus. Then, my middle child to the bus and finally my "baby" heads out at 7:55.

I had done some shopping last night and was ready to get started on my SELFish project. This morning, I wanted to get myself set up for success and made:

Breakfast Sausage
- who knew it was so easy and really good! Next time I'll make a larger batch! But for now I have 8 little patties in the freezer, to grab and sauté in no time flat!

Chocolate Chili
- is finishing it's simmer as I type! OMG
it is tasty (yes, I had to take a little spoonful!). Maybe I won't miss the beans after all.

Slow Cooker Chicken
- honestly, the purpose of this is to make my own chicken stock. I picked up a 3.5# chicken (free-range, organic...) and threw some spices on it and put it over a layer of onion in the slow cooker. I'll pick the chicken off and make a few dishes for freezing then use the carcass for stock as I am a lover of soups/stews.

Yet to do today:

Prep my vegetables for easy use when I want them

Reorganize my pantry and fridge to put Whole30 foods at eye level and w/in easy reach

Take a nap (finish recovery from my cold)

Walk/Run 1.5 miles - part of my beginner to 5K training

Find non-junk Valentine gifts for my 3 kids (14, 12, 10)
Oh, and I probably should shower!!

I figure this is a great time for me to do this as I have struggled with trying to lose weight over the last several years. I decided a couple of weeks ago to take a leave of absence from school to devote more time to my kids during a rough patch (recent separation from husband of 16 yrs :( ). As I made that decision, I committed to make the most of my time to take care of myself as well.

I hope to have a multi-sensory experience with Whole30, to include:

- feeling of baggy jeans :P , no heartburn, less moodiness

- seeing the light in my own eyes again, clearer skin

- tasting yummy new foods and recipes

- hearing the kids exclaim "What :o , you're not drinking diet coke?!!!!" and I hope a compliment or two

- smelling the sweet smell of success and wanting to continue for another 30 days!!!

Thirty days to start a WHOLE new life on so many levels! Here's to me and my SELFish journey!

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Wow you are off with a bang!!.Congratulations for taking care of you. You are going to rock this.

I do the same thing with chicken in the slow cooker. I use the meat for soups or chicken salad and the bones go back in with more veggies and water and I toss in a turkey wing that I brown really well in a hot oven for a more intense flavor. My other fairly new stock thing is saving veg scraps like peel from organic carrots, onion trimmings, the green part of leeks and celery trimmings all in a zip lock in my freezer. I make bone broth (what stock is lovingly called around here) every week and have not had to use anything but the scraps for 4 weeks now. :)

I make the sausage patties and have one with 2 over easy eggs and veggies every morning. Heaven on earth.

You must try Nom Nom Paleo's Slow Cooker Chicken with Gravy. It truly is the best chicken in the world. I made it for the first time yesterday with mashed cauli.

Good luck and wecome. :)

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Susan, thanks! I hope to rock this! While I do love my bread and cheese (& WINE ;)), I love veggies and meat too! Just need to stay a little ahead of things and by having a few things in the freezer from the get-go I should be ok until I get a rhythm down.

I absolutely love the idea of using scraps for my "bone broth". I'll start saving the bits and pieces today! I'll pull the Nom Nom recipe today - can always use a good one.

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End of Day 1

So I did pretty well:

M1: 2 eggs scrambled with a tiny sausage patty & steamed asparagus

M2: Chicken Breast w/Cauliflower, onion & spinach in red curry sauce

M3: Chocolate Chili w/Cauliflower "rice"

Drank lots of water and found myself aching a bit for a Diet Coke. I AM doing this!!

Off to bed... up early in the morning!


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good luck!... i am starting tomorrow... having our annual valentine's day dinner here and knew i would set myself up to fail if i started before this... so tomorrow i am all in... i love the plans you made with the food and i may copy that... where did you find the recipe for chocolate chili? never heard of it.. sounds interesting... keep in touch

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jojo, thanks for the encouragement. Recently separated so Valentine's Day didn't have the appeal it used to have :( so I just went ahead and started before I could second guess myself!

The chocolate chili recipe is here http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2009/02/22/my-favorite-chili-recipe/

The only change I'd make next time is I'd sauté the meat first and drain it, then add it to the onions, the whole thing was just a little greasy for me w/o draining the meat.

There are TONS of wonderful recipes out there, no excuse for boredom. I know my key is going to be making sure I make extra each time I cook so I have some back up/emergency foods AND so I don't feel like I'm constantly cooking. I like to cook but I do have 3 tween/teens to keep up with.

Best of luck! Stay in touch!

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End of Day 2

Pretty good day again. Mild headache but nothing to really complain about. I did take a long nap today as I was wanting the day to finish ASAP (first Valentine's Day since separating from husband of 16 years, sleep was a good choice!). I did get out for a brisk 2 mile walk this evening to clear my head and hopefully help me sleep better...

M1: 2 eggs scrambled with sautéed spinach, mushroom and onion; 1/2 avocado

M2: Chicken Breast w/BIG Salad and homemade Italian Dressing (dressing needs tweaking); 1/2 avocado

M3: Chocolate Chili w/Cauliflower "rice"

Drank lots of water and found myself not missing the Diet Coke as much.

Running to bed... up early in the morning, AGAIN!


Still very determined,


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Day 3

Day 3 went fine, feeling a bit down and frustrated with my options (based on what was in my kitchen) and debated going to the store. Didn't trust myself

:unsure: at the store in my state of mind so I went on a walk in our gorgeous 60+ degree weather and had tuna for dinner and went to bed shortly after. A good great night of sleep later and I wake to SNOW :rolleyes:!! Gorgeous! Won't mind going to the store today - in the right state of mind.

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Days 4, 5 & early 6

Faced down some dragons over the last couple of days and WON! I had to spend all of day 4 at a movie theater (movie theater popcorn is my FAVORITE!). Midway through the day, my head was aching and I felt absolutely horrible. I didn't eat any popcorn though! I was able to run home for meals and I did great!

Took the kids bowling on day 5, yesterday, and despite the 'norm' of fried snacks and soda or beer, I stuck with water. A bit of pouting from one of the kids because he wasn't bowling well nearly spoiled the day, but did not spoil my Whole30 goal. I really did want a glass of "whine" when I got home though! Glad none was in the house. I can ignore Girl Scout Cookies (sugar isn't my thing), but not sure if I could've ignored wine last night. :huh:

This morning came much too early as I had trouble getting to sleep last night. I got the kids off to school and made myself a pot of Thai Chicken Soup w/Coconut Milk (Tom Kha Gai). Yummy! A nap is definitely in the cards today 3.5 hrs of sleep just ain't gonna get me through.

So for the past couple of days -- Dragons (popcorn & wine): 0 Lynne: 2

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Day 10

Ok, now things are picking up a bit! The last two days I've noticed much more energy and general better moods. I've not wanted a nap and I have looked forward to working out. I've been dreaming about chips/popcorn/cracker - crunchy starchy yumminess! Today I looked at the "timeline" on this site and find that this is very common.

How funny.

Bedtime can't come too soon these days! I am sleeping like a log. It's all good.

Twenty or more days to go. I do look forward to a nice, creamy, oaky chardonnay in a few weeks :rolleyes:

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Day 11

So, when I went to bed last night I had big plans for my day today. I had planned to get up early and knock out lots of stuff I didn't mind doing and could already feel the sense of accomplishment. I had even built in a mid afternoon nap - just for me!

BUT, when the alarm went off I realized I had no kids in the house and no time commitments at all today and I rolled over and went back to sleep - for THREE more hours!!! Hello yummy snuggliness!! It was wonderful.

I've noticed some lists of things that have changed since starting Whole30 & I really like the idea of "formally" acknowledging the changes. Here goes:

1. I sleep like a rock.

2. My anxiety levels have decreased significantly. Nothing an occasional deep breath or six can't knock out.

3. That bitchy little voice in my head has all but shut up!

4. Not sure, but I think my jeans are fitting better. (If I come out of this actually fitting in my jeans, rather than stuffing myself into them to avoid buying the next larger size, it's a huge win!!)

5. My workouts are improving and I don't dread them like before

6. I like eating all the great food I'm finding on www.thefoodee.com (sources all the great sites in one place and makes shopping lists based on the recipes!)

7. My face looks thinner!!!

Nearly half way and the only thing I really miss (besides wine) is CRUNCHY, CRISPY crackers, chips, popcorn stuff. I've tried subbing carrots and other crunchy veggies but it's just not getting it. Anyone have something that might just give me a fix. I may try buying some bacon and frying it up nice and crisp. Other ideas are welcome!!!

Ok, time to get started on that list of things to do!

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Day 12

Well, I didn't get my cook-fest done today. I had a ton of energy and couldn't see spending it in the kitchen on a beautiful 60+ degree day! I ran a ton of errands and also got all the laundry caught up (sheets and towels included!!). I'll cook tomorrow while the kids are at school.

Overall a really good day. I had two instances where smells of forbidden foods nearly made me drool, I wasn't really tempted but man-o-man did those things smell good (French fries & chipotle chicken lunch meat). My son offered me fries and I explained to him -again- what I was abstaining from included potatoes. He asked "can you have salt?" I replied, "yes". He said "here, then, you can lick 'em! :P " I nearly fell over with laughter :lol:. Now THAT tempted me!!! Crazy! Fortunately, one of my errands was to go get a julienne slicer (Titan - love it) and I was looking forward to my zucchini noodles and roasted garlic tomato sauce with 2 yummy sun-dried tomato meatballs! Way better than fries or deli meat ANY DAY!!

I also treated myself to a new bright pink bath sheet today. Washed it up and its waiting to dry me off after my shower in the morning! How cheerful and snuggly. Great motivation to get out of bed tomorrow!

Terrific day overall! Looking forward to another awesome night of sleep and a great energized day tomorrow!


BTW... can't be positive but I DO think my jeans slid on just a wee bit easier today. Who knows? I am certain I feel great and my head is clear and calm and happy! Doesn't get much better now does it?!

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Day 13

Started this morning with a recipe I wanted to try "Spinach Cups" - spinach and eggs and stuff... I kind of ad-libbed a bit as I had some onion and mushrooms to use up and tossed a minute portion of bacon bits. All in all they turned out really good. Then, I came across another "Spinach Cupcake" recipe that sounded even better. http://everydaypaleo.com/egg-cupcakes/

The other recipe suggested sliced avocado and salsa verde on the side and that made my breakfast just perfect!!

One of the things I like best about Whole30 is NOTHING goes to waste (or waist for that matter!). Most of my meals are flexible enough to let me "use up" any little remnants or things threatening to go off. I was concerned with the cost of groceries at the start of this process, but I think the bulk of it was more 'start-up costs' and now that I have some things in the freezer and a feel for what I'll be eating, I can plan around sales.

Off to start my day. Check out the recipe above and let me know. I'll eat what I made today before I get around to trying this.

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:D Half Way to Wonderful! :P

And I still love what I'm eating and how I'm feeling!

Yesterday was a bit challenging as I was dog sitting which required me spending the night at my STBX's. His fridge was completely empty with the exception of condiments!!! Nothing compliant except for a can of tuna and some mustard! He even put his produce back in the drawer unwrapped!! There was half a nasty tomato, half a cucumber all dried on the cut end, and various other nastinesses (is that a word?). Don't EVEN get me started on the microwave! I made some tuna as I was STARVING!!!

I was so glad to get home this morning. My stomach was extremely vocal about the deprivation. I am comfortably sated now!

I was delighted to get my Day 15 email this morning. It was fun to read and get further encouragement. Especially the piece about accidental sugar dosing! I had some Salsa Verde that I could have sworn was sugar free, but alas, it had added sugar. Fortunately, it was only 1g for 2 Tablespoons so not a slam to my glucose levels.


Now, to recap yesterday... I was a soggy taxi driver

:blink: (for my kids) all the gloomy day and I looked it. My hair was awful, all but 2 of my son's 6 teachers failed to show up for a parent/teacher meeting that took a MONTH to schedule, and I swear my butt was considering sprouting roots in the car seat!!!

Mid-day I had about 90 minutes to head home and get lunch. I love, love, love my pressure cooker! In 15 minutes, I had made pork & sauerkraut in the PC and steamed cauliflower for my mashed "potatoes". On the cold, rainy, crazy busy, dreary day, I had my absolute favorite cold weather comfort food almost the way mom made it!!

Happy to report that it is a bright and sunny day today! Hope yours is too!

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As I journey through my first Whole30, I am also encountering many milestones in my personal life. It seems the clarity of my mind has allowed me to experience an epiphany related to my weight.

A little background:

November 2010: Completed my first (and only so far) half-marathon. I chose this goal to help me shed weight I had gained, much of which was related to anti-depressants. Husband of 13 yrs at the time opted to sleep-in rather than come cheer me on with our three children. He NEVER sleeps in. Hmmm... This was the straw that almost literally broke my heart (following horrific birthdays and complete lack of interest in marital relations)

At this point I realized how very alone I was in my marriage. I began my journey towards nursing school and started seeing a therapist to help me find a way to stay in the marriage until I could support myself. I had been a SAHM for 13 years at that point.

March 9, 2012: Moved out of marital home during first semester of nursing school. Relationship had become toxic to me. He was perfectly content, however, and treated me as though I was just having a big tantrum. I fully expected the relief I felt when I moved out to free me to work towards a happier and healthier me. Instead I put on another 20 lbs over this past year. What was going on???


February 13, 2013: Start my Whole30.

Today: I am 2 days from my 16th wedding anniversary (March 1). The separation agreement is signed and in effect. I am 11 days from being able to file for divorce (state law requires 1 yr separation first) and only now does my whole being feel free to take care of me and shed this weight and find the me that I remember from over a decade ago.

My epiphany? I believe that after the "final straw" that opened my eyes to how lonely I was in my marriage, I didn't want to be attractive to my spouse any longer. When I moved out and he acted like it was temporary insanity on my part, I continued to gain weight to distance my self from him even more. Now that divorce is finally an option I feel like I can shed his puny 140 lbs plus the 50 lbs of protection I have been carrying around.

While he can still make me madder than hell. I can tell myself "it doesn't matter," take a few deep breaths and bring my focus back to me and my kids. Someday, I'd love to tell him to kiss my tiny little ass, but for now I'm ok with my looser jeans!

Here's to me and the little me who has just been waiting for me to take care of her and let her out again.

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Who needs a scale.... When your bra miraculously hooks on the tightest set of hooks!! Just 2 weeks ago it was on the loosest set! AND "the girls" seem to settle in better too! Can't wait to need new, smaller, prettier (dare I say sexier) bras!!!

Life is good!

BTW- Today is my 16th anniversary and guess what, I survived! Yes, it's just 8 p.m. and I'm putting my a$$ to bed, but dammit I survived! Another 9 days and I'll have lived through a whole year of separation. Phew, things have got to continue with this upward trend (except my weight that is!).

Good Night all!

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Kale Stems vs. Garbage Disposal

-- Not pretty!!!

Ok, so I'm hooked on Kale Chips. Just the right crunch/crisp/saltiness to satisfy and none of the guilt!! BUT, I learned this morning NOT to put the stems in the garbage disposal! What a mess. The good? I was able to unclog it myself - more of a mess, but I did it AND I had kale chips as a reward!

Consider yourselves warned! Have a great day! Day 21 for me, woohoo! It just gets easier and easier!

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