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My 2nd Whole30, my first log, and the Daily

Jeremiah Graves

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Today is the first day I'm logging my Whole30 progress. I completed a whole30 last year in April and it was great. I started this whole30 in the second week of January but crashed and burned 10 days in when a potential employer took me out to dinner. Needless to say, here on the 13th of February 2013 I'm on day 8 of this new whole30 and I'm committed. The difference maker this time? The Whole30 Daily. When I first jumped into the paleo world two years ago I submerged myself content. I was reading the popular books that had been published, listening to podcasts all the time, and perusing various paleo websites and blogs. It was easier to stay motivated because it was all new, and I was constantly feeding on new material. Fast forward a few years and it while it hasn't taken a back seat, I'm not ingesting nearly as much information.

The Daily is my daily motivational bump. It's great.

For the log. Yesterday was the first day that I felt bright eyed and bushy tailed. I felt awake and full of energy! I remember the first time I felt like this, and I'm amazed that I had forgotten. When my roommates were indulging on apple pie and cinnamon ice cream, I was tempted, but almost immediately I thought that I didn't want to give up how good I felt. It was great. I then dove into my three c's chili from Robb Wolf's chili cook off. So good.

This morning I had pastured raised pork sausage (no sugar), fried eggs, half an avocado with fresh salsa on top. Fantastic. I've had avocado every day for the last five days.

Here's to a successful remainder of the day.

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