What causes gas?

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I'm on Day 9, and last night I had some minor gas. This morning, my belly felt a little extended. Thing is, I haven't eaten anything that isn't Whole30 compliant.

Last night, for dinner, I had:

a few spoonfuls of mashed sweet potatoes, made with ghee and coconut milk

leftover chicken and gravy, from nomnompaleo's recipe

avocado slices

fruity pico de gallo (orange, grapefruit, jicama marinated in lemon juice with ground chili)

Lunch was:

fruity pico de gallo

paleo shepherd's pie, with cauliflower on top

macadamia nuts

Breakfast was:

Machaca (slow cooked brisket, shredded and sautéed with homemade salsa)

unsweetened applesauce

Might this just be leftover issues from earlier eating habits?

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Thanks, Robin! This makes me feel better. I read in the emails we get on the Whole30 that even during week 2 your body is still getting used to things and getting rid of things. It seemed so odd to me to think that it's take so long, but... I guess that's what happens!

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