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Super oily skin and Acne


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I began the Whole30 on Feb.6 and my face at the time wasn't perfect (never has been but the past two years since I got vaccinated for the first time in my like Sept. 2011, as I had to for Nursing school, it has been horrific, no exaggeration.. hoping the Whole30 can heal this at least a bit) but was pretty good as I was eating 80% Paleo prior (with the odd binge on junk), my face was good the first few days but these past four days or so my skin has become super oily, I'll wash it in the morning and by the end of the day its like "slick" literally feels like I have coconut oil on my face.. super weird as I have had average oily skin up until now, also I am getting some zits in weird places on my face away from my usual zone, could this be an effect of upping my fat intake and my body adjusting?

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