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Day 15 Revelation


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Wow Whole30. Just WOW. I can't believe the changes in me and I am only on day 15! The first week I lost my belly bloat and that was awesome because I typically had been measuring my self worth by waist girth (in an inverse proportion). That first week I struggled more with not weighing myself than avoiding off limit foods. I have a good bit of paleo eating under my belt before starting and had been off gluten for months, though the rice and corn I'd been dabbling in were problematic as well, I just couldn't stop harming myself with them. That's what led me to Whole30. I digress. The second week was pretty blah, ho-hum, low energy and GASSY. I was losing hope and thought my stomach was just broken for good. But then a couple days ago, the MAGIC hit me in a profound "I'll never be the same after this day" kind of way. I wasn't tired all day. Or hungry between meals. Or gassy. Or stressed. I was actually HAPPY in a calmly contended way. Just magical. I tried to invite my sugar dragon out by having some daterolls after dinner but...no sugar dragon. Then today I just lost all interest in weighing myself. Like ever. Like I really could just not care less about my weight. Thats a major attitude shift for me and so freeing. And there is also a lot of freedom in finally knowing what and how to feed my body to nourish it deeply and to not really have to try to figure it out meal by meal anymore. Talk about freeing up some energy and mental space! I am so grateful for this program and supportive community. Thank you Whole30 and fellow Whole30-ers. I look forward to reporting back on my full 30 day success story- I just couldn't contain my joy until then. Rock on everybody!!

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