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Valentines Whole30 anyone?? I must be nuts!


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Finished a whole 44 last Saturday. I have off roaded some with no issues. However, last night, late, helping with valentines box and goodies I popped those chocolate Wilbur's like there was no tomorrow. Tummy Ache! Disappointed in myself I have decided it is time to hop back on and do another whole 30! My goal is overall well being, steady energy and good sleep. Fit! Feel great in my clothes and confident. Control over food and my emotions with food. Be organized and work hard for my family and work. Destress and learn even more patience. I have come along way and just want to continue my learning improvements:)!!!

I have started crossfit in January and go only once a week. I try to do a few rums per week and 1 small workout at home. 1/2 marathon is April 20. That is on a Good week!

Here is to Day 1!

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