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Delayed Gastric Emptying

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I had major problems with reflux about 10 years ago, and after a lot of tests, the only diagnosis the GI doc gave me was delayed gastric emptying, which means what it sounds like - food hangs out in my stomach for a while. She didn't have much more to say than the name of the dx, so that wasn't very helpful.

Since then, the reflux has been an intermittent problem that I've more or less learned to deal with. My allergist and finally determined that my allergies are usually the trigger for the reflux (instead of the other way around), but I still have to deal with it when it flares. I don't know whether or how the DGE plays into that cycle.

On W30, there really hasn't been any change in the reflux - when it's there because of allergies (which also haven't improved noticeably) it's there in the same intensity, and the frequency of the episodes is the same as usual or maybe a tiny bit worse. I have, however, had lots of other improvements - clear skin, more energy, healthier relationship to food, clothes fitting better.

My question, and the DGE part of this, is about off-roading. Last Tuesday, I had an end of the year work celebration and chose with full intention to go completely off the rails. If it's prohibited, I probably had it. And then the next day, back on board. To my surprise, I had no noticeable consequences at all. This weekend, though, on Saturday (FOUR days later), my digestive system got a little disrupted, in a way I have previously thought might be related to gluten or dairy. I've always thought the gluten/dairy consequences happened within 24 hours (and for me, more like 6 hours). Now I am wondering if the DGE could have pushed the reaction back that far - four to five days - and whether incidents in the past were actually delayed enough I was connecting them to the wrong food.

Does anyone know enough about DGE to say whether things could be affecting me after that length of delay? Other theories? Thanks.

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