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Today I'm starting my 3rd Whole 30 in the past year. This is the Whole 30 that'll take me in to race week of Ironman Lake Placid. Paleo eating has done so much for my performance and recovery that I want as much of the paleo/whole 30 goodness that I can get leading into my race.

With the exception of some absolute blow-ups, which seems to happen about once per week, I stay fairly strict paleo. The first time that sugar dragon comes calling it'll be difficult to resist but after that I'm hoping to have a relatively easy time getting to 30 days.

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Good first day, probably only criticism would be not enough food. I started the day with a 10 mile run so I should have refueled better.

Breakfast: Egg Salad - 3 eggs, homemade mayo, yellow mustard, tumeric

Lunch: Salmon and sweet potato

Dinner: Chicken/pork kabob with paleo green marinade, roasted brussels sprouts and onions, steamed kale with mediteranian dressing

Dessert: strawberries and blueberries

snack: carrot

adding a sweet potato to dinner would have been a good idea. tired today.

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Very happy with day 2.

Typical breakfast and lunch with an added sweet potato drizzled with EVOO

dinner was grilled chicken thighs, cauliflower, and sweet potato drizzled with coconut oil

urge to eat later in the evening was satisfied with 5 or so strawberries and a carrot.

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