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coconut milk tetra vs can, consistency


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Anyone tried the Aroy-D coconut milk? I found it in an asian store and they have Aroy-D coconut milk both in tetra and in a can. When I read the label both are only coconut 60% and water. Nothing else. But when i open a canned one the milk is very thick and there is not much water and the other day when I opened a tetra it was a milky consistency.

Anyone experienced this and have any ideas why? I mean, like the tetra because it has no bisfenol and such and also because it gets cheaper to buy bigger amounts but if what I get is more water than when buying a canned version I feel fooled as they claim to be the same.

When opening the tetra I didn't use everything. The rest I put in the fridge and it still is just milky. I would expect more separation or something. The canned milk is a much more thick consistency even when not in the fridge.

The fat content is not written on the tetra or can. Only coconut content (60%) and both are called coconut milk.

These are the two I'm writing about.


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It seems weird. I did a search on it and I have no answers only more questions. there's a big discussion about it here


Someone has translated this from an Italian pack as saying

1 Sorry, I should have translated that: Water, coconut milk (90%), antioxidants E330 (citric acid), Contains Solphites; may provoke alergies. This is what was listed for that Arroy-D 100 % percent coconut milk. It's odd that 2 different suppliers list different info. I doubt anything we are buying in a container whether can or carton is pure. As others have said, if the additive is under a certain percentage it most likely doesn't have to be listed. So maybe, some suppliers have their own internal rules and include what the importers are not including on the labels. – Kathi Mar 22 2011 at 19:41

I'm sure she means sulphites, just a misspelling. If she's right, that would rule it out.

Chris Kessler talking of the pack says "I'm a little suspicious of Arroy-D, though, because one Thai reader mentioned that it does contain other ingredients aside from coconut milk. I don't read Thai, so I can't confirm this."

It's also been mentioned a couple of times on Marks Daily Apple but only to raise the same questions you have. No one seems to have any answers Sorry not to be of more help but it does seem a tad suspicious.

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