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Confessions Cont'd: Foodie W30 #2


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I am starting my Whole30 #2 today! I had some amazing results from the first one… here is the link to my first log:http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/5909-confessions-of-a-non-cross-fit-foodie/

After reintroducing some things it is painfully clear that I most definitely have some intolerances. I also have about 45 more pounds to shed before I get to my goal weight. I know that this is completely achievable, and I am already a quarter of the way there from my first W30! I also know that by completing another W30 I am that much closer to slaying my party animal dragon. And ultimately creating sustainable change for a healthier lifestyle... Hopefully to include children sooner than later J

Goals this time around:


Go easy on the nuts & fruit

No liquefied anything

Complete basic movement exercises once a week… Every week.

Be more disciplined with my food prep & not get all crazy with trying new recipes all the time

Log food portions better & post pictures

All of the people on this forum are so freaking amazing. In case I haven't done this before, I just wanted to say thanks J Thank You for sharing yourself with me.

This evening I will be heading to Wegmans to stock up on staples and make some basics. Hopefully I'll get some pictures up!

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Glad to have you along for the journey as well. Had to laugh over slaying your party animal dragon. The only thing I proved with friends, family and loved ones in the first W30 was that food and drink had nothing to do with my...exuberance for a good knees up, shall we say...!

I'm going to go for more photos, too, but I get peeved over the inability to post properly from my iPad. Seems to have a mind of its own these days, which is infuriating when I snap food porn on it all the time. Sigh.

Anyway, welcome back! Look forward to keeping in touch.

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You go girl. Now you have inspired me to have another go. Doing it this soon wouldn't be so hard I think. I have survived a week in a condo in Florida with friends whilst they all eat what ev's they want. Unfortunately my son totally derailed and I had to give up control but he "knows" that it's not good so that is something at least and without my solicitation has promised that he will be back on board tomorrow during our travels home. Good luck and good eats!!

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I'm curious to see how it differs without the smoothies. That's one thing I fully plan to reintroduce when I'm done with my whole30. I make them fairly healthy and it's a great way for me to consume a lot of fresh, organic spinach. I need to figure out if I like them with coconut milk, as I used to use almond milk, and I have no desire to put the effort in to making compliant almond milk.

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1- egg bake w/ grass fed beef, peppers, mushrooms, cilantro

2- chicken tit w/ cinnamon balsamic & blood orange EVOO, a few bites of sauteed spinach that was slimier than snot, handful nuts w/ coconut milk & blueberries. Soda water w/ lemon

3- nope

Day 1- Not fairing well with the template. Left work after a stressful dumb day and went straight to the store. By the time I got home and got everything put away it was 10pm. So, I kind of missed dinner and decided to skip it versus eating stupidly late. BUT I did cook off a pork tenderloin and some chicken tit cutlets. Prepped some broccoli. Was forced to clean out and rearrange the fridge to have room to put everything away. Separated and IQF froze a bunch of chicken tits. Steamed off some sweet potatoes and mashed them w/ some pumpkin that needed to be used up w/ cinnamon & allspice. It was nice to spend some quality time with my chef knife and have a spot of tea :)

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Slept like a dead fish last night. I didn't even hear my husband get into bed or let the dog out in the morning. It was one of those sleeps that when the alarm went off I went into full panic mode and knocked the lamp off the nightstand O.o Sexy right?

Ahem. Not the most graceful start to the day... LOL

9ish- Egg bake. Made a cup of tea for the road & packed lunch

2:30ish- Pork tenderloin, sweet potato pumpkin mash w/ cinnamon apple balsamic & blood orange EVOO drizzle

4:00ish Banana w/ raw cashew butter

7ish- Pot roast, carrots, celery, broccoli. Soda w/ lemon

I just made LOVE to that pot roast. Oh man, was it good. TMI->I'm craving salt as I am cycling at the moment.

I really didn't like the cashew butter as much as I thought I would. I'm glad I bought a single serve packet to test it out first.

So I haven't told many people about my second W30... mostly because I'm sure they don't give a rats a**; but if they did they'd ask me. The cooks where I work know, as I'm circling the kitchen watching how they are preparing the meat and such so I know if I can order the dinner specials. It was a long day, 30% more stressful than yesterday and I was very suprised to have 5 different people ask me how much weight of lost during my shift today. Not coworkers- clients. I'm not going to lie- it felt good :) and really kind of uncomfortable at the same time; I'm not sure why it makes me so uncomfortable, but it does. The jack wagon in me wants to say "wanna squeeze my shrinking backfat?" I never would, but I think my boss would light me on fire if I did. Muaahahahaa

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Another 10 hour glorious night of sleep! I had to leave fairly early to meet a friend for coffee, but my husband texted me: you didn't hear me come in did you? I asked why? He said: because you curled up with my ice cold feet. I neglected to tell him of the red hot dream I had about him... figured that would distract him from work ;)

9ish- 2 pieces egg bake. hot tea for the road

2:30ish- mixed greens, radish, 3 broccoli spears, 5 raspberries, 5 blackberries, 1/2 avocado, handful sliced mushrooms, 1 mini red pepper, 1 mini orange pepper, cubed chicken breast w/ meyer lemon EVOO & blueberry balsamic. closed handful nuts w/ coconut milk. soda with lemon

9ish- 2 trader joe's chicken sausages over red chard, beet greens & baby bok choy sauteed w/ garlic, prosciutto & meyer lemon EVOO with some dijon/mayo sauce-> pictured

Just poured a cup of tea and am going to soak in the tub. Tomorrow is my Friday, and I CAN NOT WAIT FOR A DAY OFF. Some of the people I work with, simply put, are idiots. I can not wait to start the baby train a freaking retire. This kill all the things rage will end...


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Oh man. I really didn't off road THAT much, to seemingly justify the KILL ALL THE THINGS of the last few days. Whoa. Easy Killer. Deep breaths, today is Friday... and I am diligently talking myself into believing that this cup of tea is more satisfying then a martini or chunk of chocolate the size of my face. I left the house telling my husband I might not have my job when I came home. I left work without putting in my 3 weeks and on decent terms with my boss. AND COMPLIANT. Winning :)

9:30ish- 1 piece egg bake. hot tea for the road

3:30ish- giant bowl vegetable soup from previous W30. cara cara orange, blueberries, coconut milk. soda w/ lemon

9:30ish- Beef tenderloin w/ horseradish mayo, baby bok choy sauteed w/ tuscan EVOO, pumpkin/ sweet potato mash-> pictured

cup hot tea

A facebook friend wrote: "I like to work out knowing I can eat whatever I want, because I deserve it". Confession: I find this to be most amusing and insanely irritating at the same time. I do not know of anyone who genuinely LIKES working out. I mean, the endless rows of machines and people on them like mice... they don't look happy. They look miserable. Now- I have never done crossfit in my life, but I'm going to wager that if I ever decide to work out beyond basic strength at home or walking, it would probably be that. Or some other type of "Play". Playing is different, and totally worth my effort :) I really wanted to rant about how exercise does not entitle anyone to eat like shit... and that is that mindset that lands so many people into unhealthy situations. But, she may have a self image/ eating disorder so I stopped myself. This false sense of entitlement is what I'm fighting in my brain. Instead of my brain saying you had a bad day, have a martini and some chocolate. I'm now thinking my body IS me, not my emotions... give yourself what you need: good food, sleep, less stress, play. I deserve a healthy body, mind & spirit. I deserve to learn to eat the fuel my body needs. I deserve to make the best choice, not the easiest choice. How does killing yourself on a treadmill then eating the crap that landed you there solve anything, or provide for a fulfilling life?!?! I will never understood the endless working out, but I do experience that false sense of entitlement when it comes to food...


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I just woke up to my sister sending me this picture with the comment HEY GURL... HA! I am totally the sourpuss on the top. I will take that as a lovely sign to pull my cranky head out of my ass and stop being so... Cranky. Although the fact that she sends me weird pictures of obscure sea life depicting my moods is somewhat terrifying.


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11ish- last 2 pieces egg bake, Numi chocolate tea

3ish- larabar- I know TEMPLATTEEE

7:30ish- Mahi Mahi baked w/ meyer lemon EVOO & cilantro lime sauce, pumpkin/ sweet potato mash, a few slices tomato & steamed broccoli-> pictured. Coconut milk, 5 frozen cherries, closed handful nuts. Soda w/ lime

Had a lovely day off today :) I tried to buy ISWF again, and Borders didn't have it. I also want to get "rich food, poor food". I think it may have just come out today. Looks like I will be ordering on Amazon, as I ended up spending some loot on some active clothing.

While my husband and I did our pushups, squats, planks & pull ups in pajamas, I realized I don't own a shred of work out gear. SO I grabbed a sports bra, a few shirts, some yoga capris, a pair of pants and a soft shell jacket... Seeing that work out gear is nearly non-existent for plus size gals, I was pleased to find that I actually fit into something! (Even though I felt like a turd in saran wrap) Burlington has some sweet sales today, so I was OK with shelling out the $75 for some Calvin Klein & Bally sportswear. (((GASP, this is the first time I've bought BRAND NEW CLOTHES in many many moons:)))) I also tried on some jeans and such, but I am in-between sizes and decided to wait until after this W30... even though my jeans are sagging like I pooped my pants! >.< I think I'm over the Kill All The Things... feel free to critique and comment with out fear! Sorry to be a sour puss everybody :(


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11ish- 3 egg muffins= approx 1.5 eggs 3 pieces prosciutto 2 mushrooms 1/4c red chard, cup loose leaf chai

(recipe adapted from nom nom paleo)

Had fun playing with my food this morning :)

Hubs and I both need walkers after our squats extravaganza yesterday. Maybe I could get one to match my new work out gear?!?!


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10ish, eggs with beet greens and shallot

3ish, grilled pork chop with cilantro sauce, baby bok w/ ghee and red & golden beets

Have i mentioned i need a walker? You'd think with 20 less pounds it would be easier to do squats! I'm still walking with swagger... Maybe just for a little different reason ;)


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I just spent some time catching up on your previous log and this one, and you are delightfully crass! You are also one hell of a cook and I look forward to trying to replicate some of the stuff you've made!

And 5 inches off just your waist last time? Holy cow!

I could not believe how much inflamation I had going on!!! While I know I lost body fat, I would say 4 inches were absolutely inflamation. Good luck with making some good eats :) Don't be afraid of spices!

I had to lower myself onto the toilet using the cabinet in the bathroom after a bad bout of squats one time. I think it went on for days. I could still feel the agony these many years later after reading your post. :lol:

I have a claw foot tub across from my toilet; I love that thing even more than ever nowadays! OMG The jokers I supervise must be cracking jokes left and right.

I don't think a crossfit gym would even take me in... FOR NOW! Muahahahaaa

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Sorry for yelling.

But seriously... I have been fighting to have relatively normal eyelids for years. In fact, somewhere in my last log I mentioned how I tried to make an appointment to get it lanced, to no avail. If I recall correctly they wanted to schedule something around Feb 20th? Anyway, the giant one that exploded has pretty much dissapeared! A little pink remains, but I am not sure if it is scar tissue, or just a little inflammation left. The others have been healed for weeks!!!

Feeling pretty swaggerlicious today, wanna check out my eyelids? :rolleyes:

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Missed meal 1. We'll call it fasting.

3ish- Grilled chick tit w/ a bitchin avocado olive tempenade, 2 beets, sweet potato/ pumpkin mash

7ish- banana

9:30ish- 2 large Portobello mushroom caps stuffed and baked with italian sausage spiced organic ground beef drizzled w/ EVOO

cup tea

Gearing up for my husband having a bunch of his buddies over to stay for several nights. Insert image of a bunch of dudes drinking copious amount of alcohol, playing poker and eating crap ALL DAY LONG. I think he said one guy is ordering 6 pizzas for poker night.

Lord. Help. Me.

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10ish- 2 eggs over medium, portobello cap w// grass fed beef & salsa verde

2ish- a few bites of pork and steak

dinner will be cinnamon chili pork w/ apple salsa, broccoli & acorn squash


Trying to get myself in a good spot with food prep today. I made some compliant sausage patties, and some sweet potato cinnamon cakes. Prepped up some broccoli, cauliflower, green beans & sprouts. I have the rest of those beets to eat up so I plan on prepping some citrus and fennel to make that beet, blood orange & fennel salad from my last w30. http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/6297-blood-orange-beet-fennel-salad/

I have a pork shoulder that I am planning to throw in the slow cooker this evening for carnitas. Hopefully a few shreds of it will survive a house full of dudes!!! I'll say this, if these guys want to buy a bunch of crap... they better ice up a cooler because MY FRIDGE is chuck full of organic vegetables and whole foods :) That won't help the fact that the house smells like a rum tiki bar, but whateves.

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I had a cute conversation with one of the residents last evening. (I work in senior living, and as a result have 200 grandparents :) ) She has been calling me Miss America for a few weeks now, and making comments about my weight loss as time has gone along. Some of which have been quite uncomfortable for me, but Oh Well. Last evening she told me that I was just about there, and to not loose anymore weight. She went on to say that when she was my age, she was eating chocolate bars every night to keep her weight on. That's what all the girls did because they were supposed to look like Marylin Monroe. She started laughing and recalled that after she got married and moved out of her parents house, she didn't eat very well because the only thing she knew how to cook was homemade hot fudge! Snort.

Then she wanted to know why I didn't loose all this weight BEFORE my wedding. That's nice. End of conversation...

10ish- Crispy carnitas w/ 2 eggs over top & sweet potato cinnamon cake. Tea for the road.

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OK. Last night . I was THISCLOSE to cracking a beer. 9 rowdy cops playing poker and eating pizza and wings. It. Was. Smelly.

I have found the crack cocaine of Whole30 foods. Creamed coconut. THIS ORGANIC CREAMED COCONUT. http://www.amazon.com/Lets-Do-Organic-Creamed-Coconut/dp/B00113ZZ5U Good God. I've had this box of stuff since Thanksgiving, and in my desperate attempt to distract myself from the raging party going on around me I busted it open, and ate about half of it. OMG. I am not sure if I am going to be able to continue to buy this stuff, as it seems to be a food with no brakes for me. BUT, I mean, it's 100% unsweetened organic coconut. Is it possible to eat too much coconut???

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