Stinking Rose

Sarah Snyder

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I'm going to the Stinking Rose tomorrow night! Yay! But also kind of sad because I won't be able to have their famous garlic mashed potatoes.

Their menu: http://www.thestinki...pdf/menu-sf.pdf

I haven't gone out to an actual restaurant since starting this, so I want to make sure I'm asking all the right questions here. It looks like I can actually have most of the entrees and just swap out steamed veggies for the mashed taters. As far as I can tell, I couldn't have the meatloaf, lamb shank, or pork shop. Which is fine since I don't really like any of those things! (Aside from my mom's meatloaf) The tureens are intriguing as well but there's not much info there...

I've had the rabbit before and it's delectable, so maybe I'll just stick with that? Do I just tell them to make sure there's no butter or other dairy, no grains, etc, or do I ask them specific questions about how it's prepared? Would love any suggestions!


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I think it would be a good idea to call ahead and ask to speak to a chef or someone otherwise familiar with the ingredients and the cooking processes of each item. Then you can tell them your restrictions and they can let you know what is off limits (there are obvious things like the fish in lemon-butter, but there may be hidden ingredients like if they coat some meats in flour or something).

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