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Back Again...


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The Stats:

Name - Holly

Age - 30

Height - 167cm

Current Weight - 70kg

Goal Weight - 65kg

Gender - Female

Occupation - PE / Health Teacher

Sport - CrossFit

I have completed one successful Whole30 last year. Currently, I feel like shite, and I NEED to re-do a Whole30 to get it into my head that I can't be so casual in my food choices. No more lattes, no more ice creams, no more sneaky 3pm treats! I am officially over it!

I am armed with all the info and I am lacking in a little motivation - however, I am pretty good at giving myself a swift kick in the pants! So here I am!

Any one else starting Sunday 17 Feb? Happy to hear any online support. I probably won't run an online log - but will give weekly updates from here... I am a busy girl ;-)

Love to hear from anyone out there....

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