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Surviving Nice while staying as close to compliant as possible


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So I've had one full day in Nice now, and I'm proud to say that I'm enjoying myself and staying as close to compliant as is possible without ruining my time.

I packed breakfast for the plane and turned down the "breakfast" of a chocolate filled croissant.

For lunch I had cassoulet, a stew with duck leg, pork belly, and sausage with some sort of wilted green and onions. I picked around the beans and potatoes.

For snack, I had fruit salad and water while my friends had a cafe au lait and a glass of wine with a creme brulee. I think the salad was probably sweetened, though, because by last night my nose was stuffed and I had sore tonsils.

For dinner, we had to stay at our apartment since our bags didn't make our connecting flight. So we hit the store and got filets of sole, salad fixings, etc. Dinner was lemon dill sole with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. I cooked.

Breakfast was cooked at home this morning too. Scrambled eggs, one filet of sole, an apple with almond butter for me. My friend added bread, cheese, and Greek yogurt to hers and the other one got sick to her stomach so we got her the SAD recommended crackers and ginger ale.

I must confess that I had the tiniest sip of wine. Not enough to even swallow, just to taste. So restarting after this, probably. But I resisted glasses of wine, bread, cheese, chocolate, candied fruits, and and macaroons.

All in all, I'm loving the trip and the food. I'm staying fairly compliant, other than the possibility of sugar in the fruit salad and there could have maybe at least have been the possibility for something noncompliant in my cassoulet. And if it can be done in the land of bread, wine, cheese, and decadent desserts ..it can be done anywhere!

I'll post with today's meals later, once I'm back home.

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So I only had one more big meal yesterday with two snacks around it.

Snack 1 was almonds and raisins. LOVE that combo.

Meal was a salad with anchovies, tuna, egg, tomatoes, and olives. I tried and disliked the olives but ate the anchovies in small bites.

Snack 2 took all of my willpower as we were outside in the cold at a football game and the hot food smelled so good. But I had a tangerine and cashews.

This morning I had more fish and eggs with an apple and almond butter. I miss my breakfast veggies, though. Kinda weird.

Lunch today was also mostly skipped (we had just gotten to Monte Carlo and had late breakfast) so I had another tangerine and cashews

Dinner was amazing. We ate at a nicer restaurant and I had a ribeye steak and side salad substituted for the fries.

I have definitely noticed a difference in my digestion without all of my digestion, which is not cool, but will serve as a reminder to eat more deliberately on the next trip.

Hooray for Nice!

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