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Tiger Tiger Burning Bright


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I've been learning the whole9 and whole30 ropes since October with a good many positive results but lots of ups and downs. Starting tomorrow I am going to pull together what I have learnt and really focus for the next thirty days on improving my health and quality of life. The tiger within wants to come out and play!

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Ha , Derval comes through with another great pic... And a naughty one too.... Thankyou!

Nice to meet you Purple! We have some things in common I see!

So a bit more about me and my aims.

I am happy to stay dairy, legume and gluten free (fodmap issues). I am probably going to stay grain free since I don't really miss grains. By the time I finish my whole100 in April I will have been sugar free for 5 months except for 2 days. I would like to stay largely sugar free as sugar, along with coffee makes my joints ache and my skin erupt.

Coffee and cocoa make me feel bad and want to eat too much.... I can not resist nuts when I am stressed from caffeine. Caffeine also locks up my tiger! The few times I have been inordinately happy and buzzing with energy have always occurred when I haven't had caffeine for a number of days.

So this log is to help me focus on three (or four) appropriately sized meals a day and stop nuts, coffee and overeating from causing digestive and other problems!

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Day 1

8.5 hours sleep

M1 breakfast mince (ground beef, coconut oil, zucchini, carrot, sweet potato and raspberries), tea

M2 tomato vege soup, salad with olives, beef burger

60 minute slow run (500 cal)

M3 lamb, potato, pumpkin, carrot, broccoli and cauliflower, grapes and pineapple, lemon and ginger tea

Good start, almost nice to feel hungry again instead of full all the time. Might take a few days for the bloat to go though :(

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About 8 hours sleep although I woke up lots (another hot Melbourne summer night)

Pilates (100 cal)

M1 half an orange, spinach soup, breakfast mince, lemon ginger tea

M2 salad with olives and seeds, sweet potato and a beef burger, black tea

M3 baked chicken, ghee, potato, stuffed mushroom with savoury yeast and tomato, pineapple and grapes

Another tick.

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9 hours sleep, another hot night, needed sleep more than a 5am run today!

M1 last of the breakfast mince with two scrambled eggs and some blueberries, black tea

Yoga (100cal) (so hard it left me shaky so had a post WO snack of a piece of sweet potato, 2 tsp sunflower seeds and two mouthfuls of steak)

M2 steak, soup and a tsp of ghee

M3 ham, carrot, orange and grapes, licorice tea

25 minute run (200cal)

M4 beans, spinach, basil and ground beef cooked in coconut oil, parsnip, cauliflower and carrot purée with ghee, small piece of watermelon

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7.5 hours sleep

Pre WO 1/4 of a beef burger plus a spoon of ghee

Body combat (335 cal)

M1 beef, beans and basil and cauliflower purée from last night, nectarine and half an orange

M2 salad plus freezer meal... Eggs, veges ground beef?

M3 beef and vege stir fry, sweet potato and ghee, ham and carrot (was craving fruit)

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7 hours sleep... Tired, sleep quality has plummeted, caffeine detox?

6km jog (380cal)

M1 2 slices of bacon, 2 eggs, a tomato, some wilted greens and some watermelon

I think the bacon might have garlic in, so too the ham which gave me an upset stomach this morning :(

I guess I'll know for sure later

Results circuit class (335 cal)

Baked Tom's stuffed squash and made a soup for later. Now off to find some more recipes before I shop for ingredients.

So I made pizza cake and lemon chicken to stock up my fridge.

M2 half a small stuffed squash and a stuffed mushroom and some salad and some soup

M3 thought I had enough for lunch but the extra exercise has made me hungry so I had a small piece of beef and sweet potato and two tsp of ghee

M4 a small piece of the pizza cake (it's a baked egg dish with bacon, tomato, cauliflower etc) and some lemon chicken and a beef burger with ghee.... Yep, hungry today and feeling a bit cravy. But I guess I've had a dream 5 day run so can't complain.

Grated some veges for a breakfast hash tomorrow and also baked a mango cassava cake, not really sure why but I found some frozen grated cassava in an Asian grocers and wanted to try it out... Thought about making it savoury.. For a minute. If it works I will freeze most of it or give it to the kids.

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Day 6

7 hours sleep (family commitments) thinking about going back to bed!

M1 stuffed pumpkin, vege soup, ghee and cassava cake. I am happy with how the 'cake' turned out. It's not sweet and cooked nice and crispy. I think the batter will work well as a sort of crispy potato cake to serve as a carb side dish.

So unfortunately my skin is worse at the moment, hormones or detoxing? It doesn't look too bad but the inflamed spots are quite painful. Maybe I need to up my fat. I am having ghee regularly but maybe I need more coconut oil to replace the coconut and nut fats?

Pre WO small piece of pizza cake (body attack 385 cal)

M2 beef burger, ghee, carrot, cucumber and some grapes

M3 hungry so cooked tomorrows breakfast hash and had a bowl now plus some cantaloupe

M4 lemon chicken with veges, cantaloupe, carrot, ham, dates, cassava

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Your exercise level has me green with envy.

I do a bit of yoga now, but I used to do a lot more and some pilates and dancing based exercise before (belly-dance or baladi). I am a complete ball of jelly right now. Just doing some easy on-the-floor-yoga these days, but I definitely feel it the next day and my muscles are becoming stronger. My tummy a little flatter, my back a little straighter. Also I sleep much better after yoga.

I have never been a runner, I'm not built for it but always admire lady runners who look so gazelle like as they glide down the road.

Think I will get down for some yoga now, thanks for the reminder :) and keep up the good work! :)

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Ha, that's not me unfortunately (gazelle). I was always more of a swimmer. I am short and broad shouldered. By now you have guessed that's not me in the avatar, I chose it for inspiration. I took up running a few years ago at 43 because my body had adapted to the other exercises and I needed something to shock it... Running is still shocking it LOL. I can't run fast but I can run for an hour. I quite enjoy it... I don't do it when I don't feel like it. I love the changes yoga and Pilates have made to my body, just been doing these regularly for a year now (new gym). Good to read about your daily yoga, it is so beneficial.

I do exercise daily to reduce my cancer risk but I have upped the pace a bit lately as unfortunately I was putting on weight... Too many nuts plus coffee..... It's coming off again... Slowly.....

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Awesome work with the exercise and sleep hours :)

Keep us posted!!

Also, I quit caffeine about 1.5 months ago - it was tough for the first week, but after 5-7 days the headaches & brain fog went away and I was sleeping better and feeling more energetic than before. Highly recommend it if you think you can make the switch!

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7 hours sleep (watched a movie)

M1 breakfast hash and cantaloupe

M2 (7 hours later) beef burger, salad with avocado and olives, some grapes

M3 (I seem to get hungry again quickly after a late lunch) ghee, baked sweet potato, pine nuts

Run (345cal)

M4 tuna, cauliflower, carrot, parsnip and beet root with ghee.

Off to a gym party tonight to drink soda water :P

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Thanks Casey. I have a love-hate relationship with caffeine. I go for months without coffee sometimes, then it creeps back in to daily then twice daily at which point I become a mess.. Cranky, hyper, hungry and fatter as a result. The last few months I have been trialling coffee once a week on Sundays mainly... It was working but then I started to have cocoa again and everything went south. I didn't get full withdrawal symptoms this time just disturbed sleep and upset tummy for awhile. Not sure if I will have one cup tomorrow for Sunday, have been thinking of it a lot so I really should go another week if that's possible.

Well done on slaying your coffee dragon!

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7 hours

M1 mango, ghee, pizza cake

Boxing (360cal)

Post WO tuna, carrot, beetroot, a spoon of coconut cream and two brazil nuts (first nuts in a week)

M2 lemon chicken with veges and salad and olives

M3 dates, cocoa, ghee, cassava cake... A bit swypo.. Oh well once in a week ain't bad ;(

M4 baked chicken, parsnip purée, blueberries and coconut milk

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Sleep less than 7.. Really need to work on that!

Pilates (100cal)

M1 mince beef, veges sweet potato, coconut milk and blueberries

M2 freezer meal mince cauliflower eggs etc

Aerobics (240cals)

M3 sweet potato, steak, salad, olives, beetroot, a spoon of coconut cream and some watermelon, two brazil nuts

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9 hours sleep

M1 breakfast mince, an orange, a small sweet potato with ghee

M2 vege soup, salad with avocado, balsamic chicken (fairly small meal)

M3 peach, ham, two brazil nuts

The cellulite is reducing but my work pants are still tight... Still, going in the right direction again yay

Post WO (forty minute run (335cals)) two sweet potato egg latkes

M4 marinated lamb, mashed potato with ghee, carrots and beans, blueberries with coconut milk

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8 hours sleep

Pre WO small piece of chicken and ghee (body combat 345cals)

M1 last of the breakfast mince, an orange

M2 sweet potato with ghee, salad, pizza cake, black tea...lots

M3 baked chicken, ghee and a raw carrot

M4 pork spare ribs, potato, parsnip purée and beans, a peach

Went to go for a run while my son was at footy training but it started raining... Boo!

830 and I am almost ready for bed!

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