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Audrey's whole27 and 1/2!


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Today was a Reeeeealy Bad food day. No need for details.🙊Finished a whole 44 last Saturday. Did great! One intro led into a few more and planned to start another whole30 and bam, today was one of those well ill start tomorrow and just enjoy today. Not a good idea:)!

I'm 39, yes, can't hang on to 24 anymore sadly and my birthday is right around the corner. I am suspecting a little shindig with friends which will put me at March 16, hence the 27 and a 1/2 lol.

Will definitely be a drink or two involved;)

Then re-evaluate.

I Will Do This! The sugar really got to me today and am hoping I can be strong mentally to get over it!!!

C ya tomorrow, yeah!!!

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Day 1 complete!

It was a little rough today. So sleepy. I had a great breakfast and went to church, only to catnap through service....woops! Ate lunch and slept again. Able to get to the grocery to load up on veggies, fruit and meat. Had some moments today where I was craving and I loaded up on grapes. I was out of tea and realized that is a must for me. I had big, delicious meals. I am so ready to go on autopilot. Another must is food in the house prepared!

I made chocolate chili tonight. Not that much leftover because everyone likes it:) need to db. the batch next time! I also made a marinade for chicken drumsticks. Will be ready to bake for tomorrow's dinner. I hope it is yummy! My kiddos love the drumsticks. A goal is to get 4-5 bullet proof dinners for my family that is nutritious and delicious and then just rotate. I need easy!

Breakfast - 2 eggs, mushrooms, collard greens, cherry tomatoes and avo dressing

Lunch - 2 salmon patties, greens/tomatoes/avo dressing, strawberries/blueberries

Snack - tons of grapes!!!

Dinner- chocolate chili/1/2 avocado/onion

Green tea, 1 big glass of water

Will try for more water tomorrow.

We got an offer on our townhouse tonight and it is very much needed! Its only been on the market for about a month. I hope it pans out and if it does, it will relieve a lot of added stress we have had the past two years! Thank you Lord!

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End of day 4. Starting to feel normal again and not craving anything. Although I am longing for a glass of wine Saturday only because we have received our piano and it seems like the thing to do as we sit around and listen to a pianist:). Maybe I should figure out how to use the bubble stream machine to make bubbly water? Or just have lemon with water in a fancy glass:) ????

Had a great day of food! no more headache. Feeling tired again at night, which is good. Bloat gone. Stable energy. Very hungry for dinner so I did some snacking on almonds and grapes but improving day by day.

Breakfast - 2 eggs, sweet pot. cake, greens tomatoes avo dressing

Lunch - 2 HB eggs with mayo, greens tomatoes avo dressing

Dinner - baked chicken with mayo and almond meal, yummy!, sautéed carrots and zucchini with avo dressing.

Think I got plenty of fats in today lol. So good. Hopefully I will start becoming less hungry and not need as much food!

Hope everyone has had a great and compliant day!!!

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