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Not really a log since not a full Whole30 Day, but...


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So far today:

My farewell bowl of FiberOne 80 with a banana and 2% milk

(My husband took the rest of the cereal to give to the wild hogs...)


Spinach salad with tomatoes and baby carrots

Success Guide tuna salad which was, I must say, absolutely flavorful and delicious!

For dinner we plan to have some wild pork loin and veggies of some kind

Hoping to get a workout in today - I've been on the DL for several days with wonky ankles after walking four straight hours (including a 30-minute walk/run) at the Relay for Life. Wasn't quite ready for that intense of a workout yet.

Tomorrow we start for real, whole hog! (no pun intended)

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Just feel sorry for my co-workers for a couple of days, LOL.

The rest of my day actually was:

Pre-workout snack:


Little bit of Sunbutter


The Firm's "Tortoise"

Post-workout snack

Hard-boiled egg (note: should I have only eaten the white?)



Wild pork loin

Salad: spinach with strawberries, walnuts, blueberries, and portabello mushrooms

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