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Jen B's 30, day by day (unedited).

Jenn B

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Background. I am now on day 14 as I post my experience on this forum.I have been keeping a blog, and though I am getting "traffic" they are mostly bystanders and there is no interaction! Over the course of the next few days I will update and transfer my whole 13 days thus far to this forum and continue with the remaining 16.

Day 1

I purchased the book "It Starts With Food" and am trying the Whole 30, remove processed foods from my diet, no dairy, legumes, or grains, no refined carbs sugars... To lose my gut (I know it is not about how many situps I do, but my eating) Cleanse my system? Maximize body functions? Rid my body of recurring tendonitis (in my rototator cuff and plantar faciatis). and Reduce body fat (which is already low).

Subsequent posts will be unedited, my notes throughout the day on what I eat, notice about my moods, energy level, general well being... It is unedited, my pure "raw" thoughts.

So far so good. It is 8:40p.m. the end of my first day.

I set the alarm for 5:25 and hit the snooze button at least 3 times.

I did not drink coffee/caffeine. I did not feel sleepy or headachy. Around 11:00 I did have some caffeinated coffee and the slight haze I experienced never progressed. The coffee was more of a distraction. I had been eating every 2 hours for 38 days prior to this to try and lose weight/bodyfat, and now I had and almost 5 hour gap in my eating from breakfast at 6:45 to lunch at around 11:30.

I ate according to the guidelines. I did have a snack though it was suggested not to.

Meal #1 2 eggs with brocoli and avacado (1/2)

Meal#2 Salmon with avacado, tomatoe, and brocoli

snack apple, large handful almonds

pre wo meal 1 egg...

45 min spin class

post wo meal 1 egg/yam

Meal#3 salmon, olives, brocoli, yams (20 minutes later- too soon?).

(FYI- according to the Book, with integrity doing the Whole30 is to eat at each Meal protein, carb in form of veggies, and a healthy fat and to stick to this for 30 days as a rule of thumb it takes 30 days to create a new habit, in this case, changing my relationship to food- which was not bad in the first place).

As I bed down for the night, I am having hunger gurgling now. I feel bloated, and slightly gassy.

I have stopped taking advil for my plantar facitis. I did not drink my coconut milk this morning (first time in years). I did not take my vitamins. We will see how my bowels are tomorrow.

My heel pain is there. I iced before bed (post spin). I am in PT for my shoulder, it is still bothersome.

I am not feeling tired, I am watching the bachelor.

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