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Jen B's 30, Day 17.

Jenn B

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I am now on Day 17.

I have stayed "compliant" but am having setbacks. Lately I am feeling hungry. It could be attending two funerals within 4 days, or a cold that is not getting the best of me. I have indulged 2x, and I cannot figure if it old habits wanting to creep back, or my body just needs food. Today about 10 minutes after lunch I ate too many almonds and cashews (at least I chose those instead of the pretzels at work). The other night was a pre bedtime snack of nuts and berries.

I have not worked out, and am letting my body rest. I wonder if this "30" days is just catching up with me now, or if I my body is just understressers and needs recovery. I will maintain eating healthy.

In my fit to avoid eating, I am sipping on hot herbal caffeine free tee and writing (this) as I prepare dinner for my kids and a few days worth of veggies. I am cooking up a few yams as I type and a host of asparagus lightly seasoned with olove oil and balsamic vinegar. The yams are because I have found I do not move my bowels on a daily basis unless I have eaten those at least 2 meals a day. I thought I needed more healthy fat, but a whole avacado and olives does not seem to be working. Back to yams. This I read did the trick some where else in the forum.

The asparagus pre cooked goes easily in into a scambled eggs, cut up and tossed in a meal #2 salad, or simply another vegetable with dinner.

What I am struggling with is when and how I eat. In the morning, unless it is a weekend day with no obligations, I am eating while I am driving to work. Meal 2 is usually at my desk doing work. I don't care for the company of my colleagues and have tried eating with them when they eat, prefer my solitude. Dinner, I can sit down with them, and have a normal family meal, 2-3x week.

So the first week was insane hunger and fending off cravings. I moved into super energy. and now I am energy-less (comparatively speaking). I will say, my hair is much softer. I never thought eating would impact my hair, I thought I had nice hair to begin with. But it is easier to style, and I actually have to shampoo it less because it stays nice longer (makes it easier on me!). My complexion seems to have softened up as well. I never wear make up, but I noticed this morning I did a double take, and it looked like I was wearing base make up to even out the redness.

I am dosing up and advil to deal with my plantar faciiitis, and clearly have not eliminated nuts. But I will patiently ride out the new eating habits and cross my fingers that it will clear up.

I enjoy reading the daily emails. I ordered the "avacado saver". I am eating on average of 1 per day, and am thrilled Costco sells avacados! I have had fun with new spices. The only one really so far is curry and cooking with coconut milk. I have also expanded my vegetable repetoire. When I have a free weekend, I will experiment some more and add to the growing list. I want to get into sauces, and I am psyched to try the sweet potatoe chips! That I could tonite. Hmmm....

Background. I am now on day 14 as I now post my experience.I have been keeping a blog, and though I am getting "traffic" there are bystanders and there is no interaction! Over the course of the next few days I will update and transfer to this forum my experience.

Day 1

I purchased the book "It Starts With Food" and am trying the Whole 30, remove processed foods from my diet, no dairy, legumes, or grains, no refined carbs sugars... To lose my gut (I know it is not about how many situps I do, but my eating) Cleanse my system? Maximize body functions? Rid my body of recurring tendonitis (in my rototator cuff and plantar faciatis). and Reduce body fat (which is already low).

Subsequent posts will be unedited, my notes throughout the day on what I eat, notice about my moods, energy level, general well being... It is unedited, my pure "raw" thoughts.

So far so good. It is 8:40p.m. the end of my first day.

I set the alarm for 5:25 and hit the snooze button at least 3 times.

I did not drink coffee/caffeine. I did not feel sleepy or headachy. Around 11:00 I did have some caffeinated coffee and the slight haze I experienced never progressed. The coffee was more of a distraction. I had been eating every 2 hours for 38 days prior to this to try and lose weight/bodyfat, and now I had and almost 5 hour gap in my eating from breakfast at 6:45 to lunch at around 11:30.

I ate according to the guidelines. I did have a snack though it was suggested not to.

Meal #1 2 eggs with brocoli and avacado (1/2)

Meal#2 Salmon with avacado, tomatoe, and brocoli

snack apple, large handful almonds

pre wo meal 1 egg...

45 min spin class

post wo meal 1 egg/yam

Meal#3 salmon, olives, brocoli, yams (20 minutes later- too soon?).

(FYI- according to the Book, with integrity doing the Whole30 is to eat at each Meal protein, carb in form of veggies, and a healthy fat and to stick to this for 30 days as a rule of thumb it takes 30 days to create a new habit, in this case, changing my relationship to food- which was not bad in the first place).

As I bed down for the night, I am having hunger gurgling now. I feel bloated, and slightly gassy.

I have stopped taking advil for my plantar facitis. I did not drink my coconut milk this morning (first time in years). I did not take my vitamins. We will see how my bowels are tomorrow.

My heel pain is there. I iced before bed (post spin). I am in PT for my shoulder, it is still bothersome.

I am not feeling tired, I am watching the bachelor.

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Day 2

My alarm was set for 5:25. I woke up naturally before the alarm at 5:20 and did not hit the snooze button.

I had meal #1 at 6:45, eating in the car :( you are not supposed to- they encourage to sit down and eat. Anyhow, 2 egg omelette with 1/2 avacado and spinach). no vitamins or advil this morning. My bowel movement was smaller/less today, but still hit early in the morning.

I woke up hungry, and though I ate a satisfying meal, what should be satisfying, I have been hungry all morning and cannot wait until lunch! I have been feeling light headed too. Is this my body readjusting? I am slightly head achey, however I am not going to drink coffee at this time, like I did yesterday.

Meal 2 Chicken with coconut flakes and a myriad of mixed veggies- greens.(coconut flakes are my healthy fat- they are good!)

My heel is sore. I may have to look into the laser surgery. I am tired of taking anti-inflammatories. My shoulder is sore too. I did not do any of the PT work on my own since Friday first meeting. I have an appt this afternoon.

I plan to eat a snack at 2:30 (fruit and almonds)

5:30 eat pre wo snack. Go to spin from 6-7. take post work out meal.

And eat dinner around 8:00. See how I feel.

I decided not to go to the gym. I ate snack of berries and almonds at 2:30 (almonds need to be limited- i read almonds actually cause internal inflammation, so none tomorrow) and ran errands. Had decaf coffee, black at Mom's market.

Headache gone. Drank water. Will eat dinner and be done with eating by 6:00. I plan to go eliptical tomorrow morning, but just need to figure out what preworkout food to eat- I guess a HB egg? sounds gross to me.

I have been feeling hungry since I ate dinner. Meal 3 was salmon, a mix of veggies (sauted spinach). Feeling bloated to. Going to brush teeth and watch bachelor at 9, will probably fall asleep by 10. I think last night I fell asleep around 9:30 watching the bachelor

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Day 3

So, I ignored my alarm, set for 4:25 and decided a HB egg as a preworkout snack was yuck, and bailed on doing 30 minute eliptical HIIT this morning. I could have been deterred by the food choice, or maybe I took to heart what it said in the book- your body is undergoing change ( general malaise) the first week, and suggested to take it easy on exercise. As healthy as I think I once ate, my body is not used to not having my daily steel cut oats, coconut milk, dairy products, and the occassional pretzel or chip. I have taken it easier on days 2 and 3.

My hunger (between breakfast and lunch) was not as severe today. I will say, when I woke up this morning at 4:25, it was with pain in my stomach that is how hungry I was. I went back to sleep, and rewoke with no alarm at 6:03. Not sure how I managed to be running late, but only had time to eat in the car (again) and grabbed 3 HB eggs, 1/2 avacado and brocoli. I don't think I will ever achieve a relaxed mealtable breakfast on a weekday. I have to leave the house at 6:45a.m. to be on time. I have to get more organized with breakfast and make fritatas so i can just heat them up.

I could not eat the 3rd egg, I just felt full, or was just not thrilled with the food. Though I have been feeling hungry all morning, I am really more missing chewing my gum and it is not like grumbling hunger.

I did not make a bowel movement this morning. That was not disconcerting, however, I have done so religiously first thing in the morning for years. Clearly, something is shifting inside my body.

Lunch break, I am about to eat meal 2, salmon and a mix of veggies with I believe olives. No headaches yesterday. No headaches today. I will say though yesterday and today I bailed on working out. I think I do not want to push my body too hard, am a bit more sluggish, though not tired. I am also waiting for the tendonitis healing to kick in, which it has not yet. Day 12 I think is when people started to notice significant differences in their body. 2.5 down, 8.5 to go.

The hardest part for me will be to not weigh in at all the 30 days. I did weigh in the first day and recorded my BMI etc. Don't have that handy. Also, chewing gum. I vowed no processed foods, chemicals... and there is in chewing gum. Oh well.

For snack I had an apple and raw cashew nuts. Remember, trying to avoid almonds to see if that helps with reducing inflammation in my body. Lot of running around after school- I had a massage while Robert was in pottery class. Had her focus on my sore shoulder, and my foot afflcted with plantar faciatis. I cannot really comment on pain level, just that it is still there.

Meal #3 was flounder, brocoli, yams, avacado, and my last 2 olives. I cracked open the bag of raw macademia nuts- they were soo good! (Never had them before). I could have eaten the whole bag. Pricey.

I am feeling less bloated tonite.

Tony at work commented I seemed different- not sure if it is because the "diet" is making me feel level (no highs or lows) or things have just gotten better at work (I was a middle school teacher who has been adjusting to working with a challenging population at a challenging high school).

Brushing my teeth helps ward off the desire to eat, and I just got an electric toothbrush, sonicare. I fell asleep watching the bachelor last night, so as soon as I tuck the kids in, I will probably fall asleep by 9:30 watching the rerun online.

I guess the question now is will I try and do the elliptical tomorrow at 5a.m. in an already crazy day- or just bypass working out again tomorrow (or maybe try and do it when Mel is at pottery?) Not feeling it.... think I should let my body heal from the inside without any extra duress.

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Day 4

So weird. My body is inconsistent. I woke up at 4:25 naturally, but my alarm was set for 5:50. Went back to sleep, and rewoke somewhere around 5:30 and just got up.

Also so weird, just like the book described, I had really vivid dreams about cheating! One was eating sugar cookies caked in coconut, the cookies were on the edge of raw that is how chewy they were. OMG and I was gorging on a block of cheddar cheese I do have in the fridge. I felt so guilty and upset I was going to have to go back to Day 1 But the food was soo good!

My bowels moved this morning, on their own after my typical glass of water after I wake. I am accutely aware of my heel pain and shoulder pain. It is there in my heel, dull. Maybe less? but sitll there. I am forgoing almonds in this experiment.

Breakfast was easier, but bland. I made fritatas last night, basically a baked omelette with brocoli that I could cut like a pie. I smashed avacodo over the top to get my fat in. I at in the car, again. Cannot help that. Ate slowly, not hungry for it, bc maybe it was not enticing, just so bland tasting.

At school today I am feeling that energy and butterflies in my stomach as if I have had caffeine. I have not had caffeinated coffee since Day 1. No headaches (just body aches).

May workout today to HIIT on eliptical, 30 minutes, if my heel is not killing.

I am having hunger gurgling, but drinking water to see if i can get through til 11:30.

I caved and had some caffeinated coffee after lunch. It is not that I needed the pick me up, it is replacing chewing gum, and just that oral fixation. I had cashews and apples at 2:30 on way to PT. Hungry after and now (4:20). I drank water and am going to brush my teeth, and hold out til dinner! I am bypassing doing the eliptical. More important I hang with the kids, and, my heel is bothering me (am icing it now). Not working out sucks! I have not lost toned body composition despite injuries in recent months. I will do spin tomorrow night. I am using the excuse that i am still in the first week and letting my body adjust to this new eating.

In rereaading segments of the book, apparently it took people 14 days of being off processed foods to start to feel the healing in their bodies. 4 down, ten to go. DInner tonite will be salmon, chopped veggies and maybe coconut flakes for my fat.

I am going to try and find grain fed pig for bacon at Whole Foods, and need more olives. I am liking olives as a fat!

I made it through today. I subscribed to the support system the company provides. I am getting a daily email with tips... about what I am encountering... so far I like it.

Dinner was good. Salmon, asapragus, coconut flakes, sauteed spinach and yams. But, have been feeling hungry ever since. So I downed a glass of water before bed.

My skin is drying out.

Hope to be asleep by ten. See how wake up goes tomorrow. Alarm set for 5:30.

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Day 5 Heading into my first weeked:

I am going to spin tonite whether i feel like it or not! I am tired today, but I am not sure if it is because I was hoping school would be snow-delayed and it was not.

This morning is a blurr, of getting ready, lunches, trash out... I did wake up before my alarm, somewhere around 5:30, and I am not sure why I was still late.

Breakfast was more palatable. Same as yesterday but I sprinkled some salt and pepper on it. My hunger craving, gurgle stomach less today (maybe not even there). Hungry though at lunch and have to stop myself from putting nuts in my mouth like candy. I could eat all the nuts that I brought with me to work today! Is this hunger or a craving? Cannot be hunger, cause i had a big bowl of food! It is my craving, bored side.

My heel- I will categorize the pain or discomfort as a gauge to look at it in upcoming weeks. If I started with it at a 10, today it would be a 9.5. Not that I cannot walk, just a comparison tool. People reported inflammation going down around day 12-14.

Meal #2 was salmon, asparagus (cooked a whole bunch last night) sauteed spinach, coconut flakes, yams, teeny bit of asparagus and a handful of macademia and cashew nuts (raw of course).

I will have nuts and fruit for a 2:30 snack. Save the harboiled egg for before spin class around 4:30 and make myself just GO and do the local errands, like whole foods.

What will happen this weekend up at Liberty and eating? That is what my dailynewletter looked at today, weekend challenges. Right now, I am hoping to survive today, because I could eat a cow! Maybe I should make meat or something for dinner. I will get Beef at Costco next Monday for me and the kids, and try a new recipe.

Completing info for Day 5 after the fact.

I ate a hb egg about 30 minutes before spin. I had a super workout! Sweat, got my HR up high than I anticipated. Felt good.

Ate fish and veggies I got at whole foods hot bar for dinner. Cannot remember the rest.

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