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Sarah's Whole 30, Taking things 1 day at a time!


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Day One

So I had a week or so away from whole30 eating (after about 2 months of eating mostly whole30 approved foods) and I consumed dairy, chocolate, some artificial sugar, some real sugar, even some gluten which I'm not suppose to have. I tried to blame it on the stress of my summer exams, but I know it's really my own fault and should probably learn how to deal with stress better!

One thing I noticed when eating "other" foods again was that now I can no longer stand artificial sugar after not eating it for a couple months diet drinks now taste really yucky and I am no longer addicted to chewing gum! Woooo!

I also didn't have the same response to real sugar as I have had In the past, there was no huuge urge to go out and buy cookies and biscuits and every sweet thing known to man. I still over indulged in chocolate and raisins, but it hasn't been as bad as it was in the past.

My diabetes has been a bit of all-over-the-place since I went off whole30 eating, so that is one of my main motivators to get back to it so fast. The whole30, despite being so "restrictive" has been the most helpful tool I have used so far in order to gain back a more healthy relationship with food. I really want to be able to get to a point where I can just eat 1 chocolate bar and not worry about it etc, but maybe the best thing for me right now would be to tackle the next 30 days again.

Again the biggest challenge for me will be the alcohol!!!!!!

Over the next 30 days, I will aim to:

>Exercise 4x per week (by going to the gym and walking to uni)

>Record my food diary daily (set aside time each evening at 8.30pm to write in my journal)

>Try out at-least 2 new recipes (on grocery days, try out a new recipe for the week 2x this month)

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Thanks Krista & Robotarmy!

Yay, Juzbo my good friend! Yes, I'm back I just couldn't get back fast enough to be honest!!!

Day One:

Exercise: 60 mins x cycle

meal 1: 3 eggs w/ avocado and tomato

meal 2: Paleo Pastelon ---> http://theprimalappetite.com/2012/10/01/paleo-pastelon-sweet-plantain-lasagna/

This reciepe is really so good that i have to reccomend it to others. It is a pasta-free lasange using platains (like bananas) I actually have never seen plantains in NZ, so I used eggplant on the bottom and real bananas in the middle and it tastes super good! It took a while to prepare, but if you have time it is soo worth is and I was able to make it into 10 portions and freeze! :)

meal 3: 2 mini quiches, pumpkin, carrot, zuchinni + mayo

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Day 2

Exercise: Pump class + 30 mins x-cycle

Feeling the burn after the pump class this morning as I went pretty hard!

Meal 1: Paleo Pastelon + broccoli/cauli-flour mix

Meal 2: Summer squash casserole (I added minced chicken breast to this when I made the recipe to up the protein would rate it about 6/10, not bad but not amazing) w/ winter vege mix

Meal 3: Mini quiches, sweet potato, broccoli & cauli-flour

Snacks: 2 Mini quiches, apple, 1/2 banana

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Sounds like you've had a very good two days... I have been wondering if plantains are available in our neck of the woods too. I can't eat bananas or eggplant so the lasagne won't work for me :(. I tried a new dish today that was linked from the whole30daily. Parsnip, cauliflower and carrot purée. Allowed the rest of the family to try it and they have requested it again!

See you tomorrow......

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Haha wow that is an accomplishment with parsnip in there :P I'm glad that your family enjoyed it though!! How come you can't have the bananas? I guess that would mean plantains are out too??

Day 3

Gosh the days seem to be speeding by in my week off!! Next week its back to full time study again + job for the next 6 weeks until mid-semester break! I am going to be living for that :P As we are moving this weekend, I have just been sorting through all my stuff this week, I've listed soo many clothes on trademe (NZs version of ebay) and taken about 4 bags to the local charity.. and decided I fully need to be restrained from buying clothes and shoes!!!

Also this morning a post made by the whole 30 people that popped up on my FB kinda irritated me a bit! Now I really do agree with most of the things the people here day, except for a couple of pieces of advice I have been given, tried out and they didn't work so well for me at this stage. What I don't like so much is the VERY black and white thinking that seems to go on about everything around here.... I do realize that in order to do the whole30 properly you need to do it 100% and I am fine with that, but it just seems from alot of their posts that they think there is only ONE way to be healthy and that's the whole30 way. I agree that it is pretty healthy, but I also think that there is many more ways to be healthy too, and it is really about finding what works best for you!!! Sorry that is my rant for the day.

Exercise: 30min walk

Meal 1: 3 eggs w/avo, tomato + onion

Meal 2: Chicken drumstick skin on w/ beautiful roasted carrot + mixed veges

mmmmm made a new roasted carrot w/ nutmeg recipe for lunch today was brill!!!!!

Meal 3: Paleo Pastelon w/ broccoli and cauli-flour

Meal 4/snack: 2 boiled eggs w/tomato + carrot

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Bananas, never been able to eat them without throwing up, I have distinct memories of trying them again when I was only three but no good, ate some accidentally thinking it was a lemon meringue pie once and no good! I think it's the texture. Hopefully plaintains are more like purple sweet potatoes?

Wishing you a smooth move.

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Thanks Juzbo! Ah thats no good about the bananas, they are so good!!!

Day 5

Been pretty busy with the moving/studying etc the past couple of days so haven't had a chance to post, but still going well :)

breakfast: 3 eggs w/mayo spinach onion

lunch: chicken drumstick w/ roasted sweet potato and carrot + some mixed veges

dinner: paleo pastelon w/ spinach and mixed veges

snack: I had a banana so far but might have some more before bed.

exercise: just going up and down lots of stairs lots while carrying lots of stuff!!!!

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