ISO a bacon ranch dressing recipe


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Do you make it? Do you love it? My kids will eat random roasted green veggies dunked in the stuff, and one daughter loves to make mayo. We are all obsessed with bacon. I'd like to switch them from the bottled dressing to homemade. (Also, then I could eat it too, plus I won't clog up the house with icky bottles of dressing that probably glow in the dark or something.)

I know I could look up stuff online, but I'd love a Whole30er's tried and true recipe, if possible. Especially if you have kids or random picky eaters in your life who will eat it.

Thanks in advance!

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In Well Fed, Ranch dressing is a variation on the creamy Italian dressing "("You know how you could do that?").

I haven't made it, I only know because I was looking up salad dressing recipes today. (I ended up making a Caesar dressing that was in the booklet that came with my blender.)

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I looked at Well Fed and wasn't crazy about the ingredients list, so I went over to my Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook and found one that I thought I'd like, and that the kids would eat. I didn't have any bacon to add to it, but it tasted really good anyway. Too much garlic for my taste, but that's easily remedied next batch.

Bonus - I roasted sweet potato slices in an attempt to make them palatable today. I still didn't like them. After dunking them in the ranch dressing, BAM, delish! I'm thinking roasted sweet potato slices, ranch dressing, and a chicken apple sausage will be a good breakfast tomorrow. Heehee

Thanks for the tips, folks! I keep forgetting how easy it is to make all of this stuff. Really, the time it takes to make mayo, add a few things to it, and have ranch dressing - it's like ten minutes tops. Insane. And mindbogglingly cheaper than the grocery store versions of both items.

Now I just have to convince my kids that the unnaturally white color and the preservative flavor of the bottled stuff just ain't right. Hold a good thought!

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