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Whole45 Complete and BOY what a difference :)


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I finished my Whole45 on Valentine's Day and wanted to share some of the awesome things that have transpired since I finished It Starts With Food in October of 2012. Eating this way and LIVING this way has literally changed my life more than anything else ever has and I cannot be more thankful for Melissa and Dallas and all of you on this forum for being such an amazing support through it all. For more on my story check out my blog, www.thefreckledfoodie.com :D

The benefits that I have experienced since beginning my paleo journey are as follows:

- more restful sleep

- MUCH easier to wake, wake up ready to go

- no 3pm slump where I need a nap to function

- more energy ALL day long

- less stomach issues (IBS symptoms I have had for YEARS)

- almost no headaches (unless I have too much sugar!)

- clearer skin

- whiter teeth and fresher breath

- no cravings!!!

- can go 6-7 hours without eating and not feel ravenous, light-headed or crabby

- NEVER feel more than a teeny bit hungry, right before meals

- better recovery after workouts

- clearer mind

- happier and better mood all the time

- better sense of smell and clearer sinuses

- taste buds have changed, veggies taste sweeter and I like more foods

- dropped 2 sizes in pants and dresses

- more muscle tone and definition

- flat tummy! woo hoo!

- wearing sizes smaller than I did in HIGH SCHOOL icon_smile.gif

So, as you can probably tell, I love this lifestyle and have no plans to go back to how I was. I also have realized that most of the digestion issues I have had for years are directly correlated to dairy and grains. When I eat even little bits now I get sick, so I really try not to have them at all! Since this all began I have convinced a LOT of friends and family to give it a shot and all of them have had awesome results as well!

Good luck to anyone and everyone getting started!!!

Attached are some before paleo and after paleo pics for your enjoyment ;)


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